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Which Ski Wax Do I Need?

Which Ski Wax Do I Need?
17 December 2016 No comments

To get the best performance out of your skis or snowboard you need to be using the most appropriate wax for the conditions. There are three main types of wax – cold temp, universal, and warm temp. Here's how each affects your ride:

Cold Temperature Wax

  • For use when the snow is very cold.
  • Works best between -10 C and -30 C

Benefits - Hardening additives make the wax more durable, abrasion-resistant and immune to scratching by sharp snow crystals (formed in cold conditions).

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Universal Temperature Wax

  • For use when the snow temperature is variable.
  • Works best between 0 C and -30

Benefits - Versatile, reliable wax that performs well when you come across a wide variety of snow/temperature conditions.

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Warm Temperature Wax

  • For use in slushy snow on those sunny days.
  • Works best between 0 C and -6 C

Benefits - Hydrophobic additives make the wax more water repellent to combat wet friction.

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Ski Wax Calendar

We have created a calendar highlighting the different periods that certain waxes work best in. *For Northern Hemisphere skiing only!*

ski wax calendar

When you next bring your skis or snowboard in for a service have a quick look at your calendar and request the appropriate temperature wax, or ask a member of our expert staff to recommend which wax to use.

We unfortunately have to charge a little bit more for warm and cold temp wax but it is definitely worth it!