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5 Simple Ski Servicing Hacks

5 Simple Ski Servicing Hacks
16 June 2015 No comments

Pssssst! Here are five simple hacks that will save you some time and money when servicing your skis. Just check out our video below to make your life easier in the workshop!

1. When servicing your skis at home simply place an elastic band over your brake and the heel piece of the binding. This keeps the brake securely out of the way ready for you to start servicing.

2. A block of wax will reach a point where it gets too small to hold without burning your fingers. Get a fresh piece of wax and press the fresh block of wax against your iron then quickly press the old piece against the iron too. Push the two melted sides together. You'll use every bit of wax you ever buy, without throwing any away.

3. If you don't have access to a copper, nylon or horse hair brush to finish your skis with, use a scouring pad to add structure/speed to the base.

4. The more you use a wax scraper, the more it blunts and takes a lot more effort to get the wax off. You can buy official scraper sharpeners but there is a free and easy way to keep it nice and sharp. Hold the scraper in a vertical position and run it across the side of you ski edge. A shaving of the scraper will come off creating a new and sharp edge.

5. Cheat sheets are a pieces of webbed rubber which help keep touring skin's glue fresh and clean. 4. When you get a new pair of skins cut your cheat sheets in half. You can now fold each skin (back on its self) around the halved cheat sheet to protect the glue. This leave you with a spare (full length) cheat sheet for when your first lot start to fray.

If you need to pick up any tools or don't have the time to do our own servicing, drop into one of our stores and our expert servicing staff will help you out!