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Holiday Ski Servicing Essentials

Holiday Ski Servicing Essentials
8 December 2020 No comments

Packing your suitcase for any holiday is always a challenge, let alone when you need to include all your bulky ski gear. With space always at a premium, we have compiled a list of the five essential ski servicing tools that you can actually fit in your bag!

Zardoz Base Boost

Zardoz Rub On Wax

Zardoz Base Boost is a compact liquid fluoropolymer that can improve speed and glide in all weather conditions. You can use it instead or on top of wax, simply squirt a few drops to the fabric applicator and rub it onto the base of your skis or snowboard whenever you need an extra boost. There's no need to wait for it to dry and it can be applied on dry or wet bases so the application process really couldn't be any quicker or simpler. Everything packs into a handy puck that easily fits into a pocket.

Oxyd Mini Bar

Holmenkol Oxyd Mini Bar

There is a plethora of things that your skis can bump and bash into over your holiday - rocks, gondolas, ski poles, bar doors etc. Those little bumps will rack up and create slight dents and scratches in the edge of your skis. When this happens the ski no longer has a consistent and level edge which basically makes turning unpredictable and not as much fun. This Oxyd Mini bar will smooth out any little burrs, scratches and dents via gently rubbing across such marks. Rub till smooth to touch and you are ready to go.

Grinding Rubber

Holmenkol Grinding Rubber

If you've ever experienced the jittery feeling caused by an edge catch as you cruise down the mountain, this Grinding Rubber is a must for you. Thanks to its compact size, it will easily slot into your luggage and you can even carry it with you on the slopes for quick de-tuning on the go. It's also suitable for removing small surface burrs.

Natural Wax Fluid

Holmenkol Wax Fluid

This Natural Skiwax Fluid is the perfect on-the-go top-up between hot waxes. It is small, tidy (in its lock together case), you don't need a waxing iron, and it is very easy to apply with the felt applicator attached to the bottle. There is more than enough wax to last several holidays when applied every couple of days, keeping you nice and fast throughout in all snow and temperature conditions. Best of all, it's eco-certified and fully biodegradable so you don't have to worry about releasing any nasty chemicals into the environment.

Edge Trick

Holmenkol Edge Trick

This super simple but effective mini edge trick is ideal for removing burrs and corrosion that has built up on your edges. The tool utilises an angled oxide stone, making it easy to swipe along the entire ski in one motion. The angle is adjustable, and you can set it in 0.5° increments between 85° and 90° to match your edge. It's tiny, so you'll have no trouble bringing it along.

Now you have packed your servicing essentials it is time to try and fit in those tea bags, socks, and travel plugs!

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