We’ve been rehoming unwanted outdoor gear for a few years now, and this season sees us add socks into the mix. We're partnering with Smartwool’s Take Back program to give old socks a second life.

Throughout April, you can drop your old socks off in-store, helping keep valuable materials out of landfills and recycled into new products instead.

Shop men's and women's Smartwool Second Cut socks.

How it works

-We’re collecting clean socks. All brands, colours, sizes, and materials are welcome. No need to roll or pair them, just bring single socks in-store and place them in the bins provided.

- Next, the socks are ground up

- These fibres are then used to make new socks and help keep fibres out of landfill


About Second Cut™ Socks

In 1994 Smartwool invented the first-ever Merino wool performance sock, the Classic Hike. In 2024 they are releasing a limited-edition using the socks that were almost thrown away. The new Second Cut™ Crew socks comprise of a blend of sock waste and responsibly sourced Merino wool.

Smartwool: The second cut project hike sock