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Spring Summits

Spring Summits
24 April 2019

Whether you’re planning to bag Munros, walk the Wainwrights, climb the Corbetts or run the Nuttalls, the UK has plenty of outdoor challenges to get stuck into.

Get inspired with our Spring blogs and tackle your next summit.

"The Summit is your reward and the ascent your journey"

However big or small, preparing to summit a peak can be intimidating and seem like a near impossible task. We hope that you find inspiration and motivation in our Spring Summit blogs to go and set yourself the challenge of topping out a hill, route or mountain.

Spending times outdoors, whatever the challenge had been scientifically proven as powerful natural anti-depressant, and regular exercise can reduce the risk of depression by 30%.

One in four people in Britain experience mental health problems each year and one in six of us report them to our GP every single week. 

That’s why we’re working in partnership with mental health charity Mind to launch Mountains for the Mind  – a major new campaign to spread the word about the benefits of being outside. This is something we're extremely passionate about because we know exposure to nature can lift your mood and that regular exercise can be a more effective treatment than taking medication.

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Reaching the summit of any hill can involve technical terrain that requires your full attention. In order to safely enjoy your journey to the top it’s important to be wearing appropriate clothing & footwear, be prepared for a possible change in weather and carry essential equipment.

Our outdoor kit lists break down what you should wear and carry for any number of adventures, leaving you to savour the experience.