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Fjallraven Keb Jacket Review

Fjallraven Keb Jacket Review
31 August 2016 No comments

Image source: Fjällräven

Based out of the town of Örnsköldsvik on Sweden's Bothnian coastline, Fjällräven have been producing rugged, practical garments and apparel since 1960. Their Founder Åke Nordin made the first aluminium-framed rucksacks for reindeer herders and soon went on to discover that there was also a demand for high quality and ergonomic outdoor clothing. As one of their flagship products, we've cast a closer eye on the iconic Keb Jacket.

Made from Fjällräven's own waterproof/windproof resistant textile 'G-1000' (65% recycled polyester and 35% cotton), the Keb is built from tried-and-tested fabric proven to excel in tough conditions for decades (why fix it if it ain't broke?).

The fabric's attributes make the jacket incredibly versatile. In bright sunlight or high-altitude conditions it blocks almost 100% of UV and UVB rays and the fine weave prevents mosquitoes/other insects from reaching your skin.

Keb Jacket fabric

In wind and wet weather, the application of Greenland wax (beeswax and paraffin) provides substantial protection yet still allows the jacket to remain breathable. The fabric also feels nice and substantial, meaning that any abrasions against rocks or bushes likely won't result in a tear or rip, thanks to its hardy construction - a far cry from the materials seen in most modern waterproof jackets.

The coat has a fully adjustable tunnel storm hood and brim providing ample protection against downpours, with a drawstring hem and Velcro cuffs on the sleeves ensuring a watertight fit. The peak and hood extend a fair distance out from your forehead for extra protection although it can be pinned back and fine-tuned for a greater field of vision.

Keb Jacket Hood

Image source: Fjällräven

Zipped vents down the body with easy-to-grab tags let plenty of warm air escape when needed. The main chest pockets are placed perfectly, meaning they're always accessible, even when using a rucksack hip-belt.

Keb Jacket collection

As one of Fjällräven's more technically-focused models, the Keb Jacket provides a close fit across the body without being too tight, while a four-way stretch material across the back and sleeves allows for a wide range of movement. Because the jacket is intended as an outer shell you may wish to consider which mid-layer you would wear beneath it before deciding which size to pick.

In order to preserve the waterproof and dirt resistant properties of the jacket regular application of Greenland Wax is recommended. This may seem like a bit of extra work but the short application time is well worth it (and you also get to enjoy the wonderful smell of a waxed jacket).

Overall the jacket offers excellent protection from the elements, is very reliable and will be your go-to jacket for years to come.


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