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Ellis Brigham Womens Stories Project

Ellis Brigham Womens Stories Project
29 September 2017 No comments

Here at Ellis Brigham, we are proud to announce an exciting new project with Find It Film that will celebrate women’s stories through inspiring film, imagery and blog posts.

The purpose of the project is to showcase strong female role models and encourage greater participation, particularly amongst women and girls. Featuring a range of outdoor activities and a mix of female athletes from recreational to pro, #EngageYourSenses will tell authentic, engaging and honest stories that are designed to encourage people to try something new.

Designed to be visually beautiful and compelling in their storytelling, the four films will then link together to form one complete film that will be shown at Find It Film’s own public and schools events as well as be submitted to festival events globally.

“ This is an exciting project to be involved in and we are proud to have our ambassadors tell their stories from the world of trail running, climbing, skiing and adventure. As a father of 2 girls myself I hope that in years to come they will be inspired by these stories and find their own passions in life that drive them.’'

Mark Brigham (Marketing Director)

One of the athletes taking part in the project is Laura Jones. Laura fell in love with running, and that’s when she decided to set the goal of attempting to complete 7 marathons within one year. She wants to encourage others to break down their own barriers and overcome the fear of judgement about not being good enough, fit enough or fast enough. Laura believes that with enough determination, self-belief and commitment, you can achieve anything. Find out more info here: icanrun.com

One of Find It Film’s previous projects, the story of Olympian Jordanne Whiley.