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Waxing Your Skis For Summer Snow

Waxing Your Skis For Summer Snow
17 June 2014 No comments

We're all going on a... summer snowsports holiday!

If your appetite for the white stuff can't wait till next winter, we have some great pointers to keep you powering along in the warm summer snow conditions. Whether you're heading to the Alpine glaciers or the indoor domes, having your skis or snowboard serviced correctly for the warm temperatures can make a huge difference.

Before you head off on holiday this summer apply a high temperature wax which will allow your ski/board to glide through that slush and stop you pushing on those flats. The hydrophobic additives in the wax really do make a difference.

Wax remover is applied to thoroughly clean the base.

We coat the skis with a high-temperature wax.

Melting the wax into the pores of the base ensures a deep and long lasting finish.

The excess wax is scraped off to leave a smooth base.

Having a nice wax job is all nice and good but if you feel that you're slowing down as the day goes on there is nothing better than giving yourself a little boost to keep that speed up. Zardoz is pure liquid Teflon that comes in an easy application puck (small enough to store in your jacket pocket) that you rub along the bottom of your ski/board. The Teflon creates a thin hydrophobic film that gives you a feel-good glide.

Your new favourite friends for summer skiing speed!

Ellis Brigham ski tester Dave (Castlefield Store) – "I always carry some Zardoz when skiing indoors. The extra speed helps me to practice those turns, get enough speed to hit any rails and make it to the landing off any kickers. It is a great little cheat and goes on in seconds." 

Stone grinding the base provides a pattern, channeling moisture movement for extra speed.

All ski technicians at Ellis Brigham use Wintersteiger servicing machinery - these machines are used all over the world to provide world cup skiers with the extra performance to shave off tenths of seconds to win a race or help backcountry pros make those 65 degree steep mountain lines. For your summer holiday we can provide you with pro quality servicing that will simply make it a whole lot more fun and bring you a wide smile. Our workshops will grind away any small scratches, fill gouges and place a stone ground pattern on your base (this channels water along said pattern for extra speed) and finish with a Zardoz polish. This will all help you to rip that corduroy in the morning and then cut and slash your way through those slushy afternoons.

Nothing beats having a freshly pair of serviced skis - we know it, you know it, who doesn't know it? Your mates as you fly past them all week long!

To start waxing and servicing your own skis, view our full range of ski servicing tools and equipment, or for easy convenience head over to our Ski Workshop page!