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Should You Be Wearing A Back Protector

Should You Be Wearing A Back Protector
30 January 2015 No comments

There was a very interesting article on the BBC sport website this week, focussing on the GB skier Charlie Guest and her return to competition (no less than the World Championships) after breaking her back in November.

Charlie is a young skier making a name for herself internationally on the race circuit, and if it wasn't for the use of an often overlooked piece of safety equipment she may not have been returning to competition after the accident.

During a training run she fell, slid off the course and hit a rock. For only the third time in her career she had chosen to use a back protector whilst skiing GS. In her opinion, and those around her, she would have suffered more severe injuries had she not been wearing it.

Charlie now wants to make the point that recreational skiers and snowboarders are more likely to encounter an object, such as a rock that is out of place, than a racer is. And racers are much more likely to wear protection, so why aren't more recreational snow users?

Back protectors aren't for everyone, and we're not saying that they are essential kit, but they are way more comfortable than you would ever expect and for anyone that knows they're taking risks or who wants to maximise their safety then they need to try some on. You may just be very pleasantly surprised just how comfortable they are.

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