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Powder Skiing Essentials

Powder Skiing Essentials
21 January 2015 No comments

All it takes is that fresh drop of snow and pictures start popping up all over social media. The rumours start flying about the conditions, web cams with amazing snowy images are drooled over and snow reports are happily checked. Then, if you're anything like us, you begin to think about getting involved, meaning it's decision time: where, how long and which kit?

Which kit… Here are some of our choices for this season to make the most of skiing fresh conditions and hopefully some perfect, untouched powder.

Powder Skis

Rossignol Soul 7 / Savory 7 – Why make things difficult, just get a Soul or Savory 7 and enjoy how easy skiing a fat ski in fresh snow can be. Effortless turns, easy handling and smoothest of rides. If you've never owned wide skis before this is the place to start.
Watch the Soul 7 on snow review
Watch the Savory 7 on snow review

Blizzard Bonafide – If you're unsure if you'll be skiing fresh snow forever and want something that will destroy hard packed conditions too, then it has to be a Blizzard Bonafide (ladies, you can look at the Blizzard Samba). Smooth control in all conditions, powerful performance when you push it and a natural floaty feeling when it gets deep.
Watch the Bonafide on snow review

DPS Wailer 99 and 112 (Hybrid or Pure3) – Want something very special? Something designed by all mountain and powder skiers; hand crafted and using only the best components? Then it has to be a DPS Wailer. 2 different widths, each using 2 different constructions depending on what you ultimately want – all condition handling or increased float; grip and precision or easy energy. These skis breed incredible loyalty from owners for the way they feel and respond and it's very easy to see why. Available exclusively in the UK, in person only at our Covent Garden Tower House store. Call in to see just how special they are.


First decision: free heel for touring capability or fixed heel for pure alpine performance?

Marker Duke EPF – Lock the heel down for powerful alpine skiing; switch the lever and go to walk mode for easier access to powder stashes.

Marker Jester 16 – A short mounting pattern keeps the weight down; excellent boot retention with good elasticity reduces pre-releases, and a gliding AFD produces precise release behaviour.


If you're getting that perfect set of new skis and are going to be chasing fresh turns, you'll want an adjustable pole too. Adjustable lengths make traversing more comfortable, fat baskets reduce excessive sinking when you do find the freshies.
We recommend the Armada AKs or Line's Mr Pollard's Paintbrush.