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How To Recycle Your Camping Gas Canister

2 August 2021
How To Recycle Your Camping Gas Canister

Once you get to the end of your gas canister, you might be wondering what you should do with it. Strewn with warning labels, it’s important to make sure you recycle your empty gas canister safely and appropriately. Fortunately, you have a couple of options that are all quick, easy and safe to do.

1. Manufacturer Recycling

The first thing to check is the canister manufacturers options for recycling. Although most common with large gas canisters, some brands offer a return and reuse system where you return the used canister for the manufacturer to refill and reuse. In this case, the manufacturer should provide you with instructions on preparing and returning the used canister.

2. Empty Remaining Gas

If you aren't able to return the canister to the manufacturer, then before you recycle it, it’s crucial to ensure that it’s completely empty and there is no gas left inside. There are two main options for this.

The first is to head outside and connect your canister to your stove. Light the flame if possible, letting any remaining gas burn off. If you are struggling to light the flame but think there is still gas left inside, then you can invert the canister and stove to purge the remaining gas. However, please note that inverting is only an option if you're using a remote canister stove, so the flame is not directly over the canister. For all other systems please see the below option for removing any remaining gas. 

For the second option, we highly recommend using the Jetboil CrunchIt Recycling Tool. The CrunchIt has a specifically designed tool that allows you to easily vent out any remaining fuel. This is again safest if done outdoors, away from any potential flames/sparks.

Primus Gas Canister

3. Mark Canister As Empty

The next step is to ensure the canister is marked as empty. There are a few methods for this, but we again would recommend the CrunchIt. Once you have safely vented the gas, you can quickly and easily puncture a couple of holes in the canister with the tool. We recommend puncturing at least three holes into the top of the canister alongside writing ‘empty’ clearly on the side.

4. Recycle According To Local Authority Guidance 

Once you’ve ensured the canister is empty and punctured/marked, the next step is to check your local authorities’ rules on recycling. Your local council’s website will usually have guidance specifically for gas canisters, often leaving you with two choices. The first is to take your canister down to your local recycling centre where they will safely recycle and dispose of it for you. Whereas some councils will allow you to pop the canister straight into your normal mixed-metal recycling bin (once it has been safely emptied and marked as such).

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