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Camping Gear For Campsite Comfort

Camping Gear For Campsite Comfort
12 May 2017 No comments

Image Source: Alison Vagnini

Don’t rough it, camp in comfort

Working all week is roughing it. Getting stuck in traffic is roughing it. But camping? Camping is our chance to escape, unplug and relax from the stresses of our busy everyday lives and with a bit of planning definitely doesn’t need to be roughing it.

Trips where you don’t have to carry your gear far from the car offer the chance to experience a whole new world of comfort; providing the excitement of a wild setting with the features that make a camp feel like home.

So, before you pack up and head off for your next camping adventure read our tips on how to enjoy a comfy night under the stars.

Go big with your camping mattress

Camping Mattress

Image Source: Alison Vagnini

When your car is carrying the weight of your gear, there’s no reason to skimp on your mattress. Get a thick, plush, luxurious mattress and rest in true comfort.

Therm-a-Rest’s Camp & Comfort mattresses are built for this sole purpose and provide the ultimate outdoor sleeping experience when carry-weight isn’t an issue. Check out their MondoKing 3D - this ultra-thick mat sports four inches of foamy loft for unbeatable comfort.

Go even bigger with your tent

Therm-A-Rest Arrowspace Shelter

Without the restriction of having to carry your tent, you can go large and revel in its roominess. Expect extra height, lots of storage pockets and large porches to hang out in if the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Tent’s like Therm-A-Rest’s new Tranquility models give the space and comfort needed for relaxed camping trips. These freestanding designs are easy-to-pitch, and for more space can be expanded through the addition of Therm-A-Rest’s Arrowspace shelter.

Don’t forget the kitchen sink

Freya Fennwood camping image

Image Source: Freya Fennwood

If you’re a hard-core backpacker you might have to rest your head on a pair socks instead of a pillow and cut the handle off your toothbrush in an effort to save weight, but a relaxed car camping trip will allow you to pack all the extras that’ll make your trip more enjoyable.

Roomier sleeping bags, extra blankets and pillows coupled with your bigger mat will make sleeping a joy, while your cooking options expand significantly with bigger stoves, larger pans and an array of utensils opening up a whole world of culinary creatively.

More kit requires more organisation. A couple of large plastic storage boxes with all your kit neatly arranged will make packing and transporting simple. Keeping these boxes pre-packed at home will encourage last minute getaways to make the most of any opportunity that arises.

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