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Brand Focus Meindl

Brand Focus Meindl
5 May 2017 No comments

Image source: Jnthngt / Words by: Josh Worrall


Lukas Meindl

Meindl trace their heritage way back to 1683. Petrus Meindl was the first of the family to become a shoemaker in the Bavarian village of Kirchanschöring. Fast-forward to 1928, his descendent Lukas decided to follow in his footsteps (excuse the pun), founding Meindl & Co, and so began a shoemaking dynasty.

In 1974 Lukas's two sons, Alfons and Hannes, took over the company following his death. They brought their own ideas and energy to the company and the following year they began to sell in neighbouring countries and increase their product line.

Three years after they took control of the company Meindl developed the 'Meindl Multigriff-sole'. The advancement was so innovative, you can still find the technology in many of their boots to this day. As the years passed the company continued to grow in size and popularity, winning awards such as the European Outdoor Award, Gear of the Year 2006 and many more.

Today they proceed to produce quality robust products while continuing to innovate with new designs and technologies.

Felix Baumgartner Jumping From Space

In 2013 Meindl travelled faster than the speed of sound - 767mph to be precise - when daredevil Felix Baumgartner plunged from 39,045 meters above earth fitted with a pair of Meindl boots!


Lukas Meindl

Memory Foam System

Many of Meindl's latest walking boots and shoes have a Memory Foam System; this makes their boots mould to your feet perfectly. Several layers of different density foams are used to create an area that pads the upper. Heat from your feet manipulate this foam to the shape of your foot giving a bespoke fit every time.

Comfort Fit

Comfort fit uses a distinct rounded shape that supports and enhances the natural rolling movements of the foot. The wide shape and soft cushioned foot bed make walking and hiking a comfortable experience no matter the duration.

skier on a mountain

Air-active System

An Air-Active System is essentially a design that forces out air out when you push your foot forward and acts as a vacuum when you lift it, drawing in cold air, helping to reduce overheating on long walks.

GORE-TEX Surround

Meindl utilise GORE-TEX Surround, making it possible for a shoe/boot to be both waterproof and breathable, meaning a more comfortable run/hike without the discomfort of sweaty feet.

Image source: Meindl


Trusted by professionals in high exposure, no-fall areas, Meindl boots have a popular following among mountain leaders and adventure photographers, combining performance and comfort. Their user-friendly ethos and high-quality products encourage you to make the most of nature and enjoy an adventure (or a walk with the dog).

Meindl's UK ambassador line up includes Henry Iddon (professional photographer), Tanya Oliver (hiking author), Rob Fraser (mountain guide/photographer) and Cress Allwood (outdoor adventurer).