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ABS System Recall

ABS System Recall
30 December 2014 No comments
ABS Cartridge

The producer and filler of ABS steel cartridges has detected problems in the filling process, and it is possible that steel cartridges that have already been delivered may have been contaminated during filling.

The contamination residues could block the airbag system during subsequent activation. So far three instances of this problem, caused by the supplier, have occurred during training activations.
The following products are affected by the recall:

  • ALL European ABS activation units in steel (steel + handle) with a filling date till 02.12.2014
  • ABS backpacks with integrated Twinbag system (double airbag) on the market since 1996, including ABS Inside Partner models (Bergans, Dakine, Deuter, Haglöfs, Ortovox, Salewa, The North Face, Vaude). Please check under "frequently asked questions" if your TwinBag is affected.

Products not affected by the recall:

  • Carbon cartridges
  • Steel cartridges with a filling date from 03.12.2014
  • ABS Monoairbags
  • Yellow steel cartridges from North America