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Top 5 Ice Climbing Products For 2020

Top 5 Ice Climbing Products For 2020
14 January 2020

Starting all the way back in the early 1900s, ice climbing has increased in popularity over the years with adventure junkies always on the hunt for something bigger and better. Now with a plethora of equipment to choose from, it can be a bit of a daunting task to choose the right stuff. That’s why our experts have compiled a list of the best ice climbing products for 2020, allowing you more time to get up close and personal with the ice.



Dart Leverlock Fil Crampons

Dart Leverlock Fil Crampons

  • Leverlock Fil binding system: suitable for technical mountaineering & ice climbing boots with front & rear welts
  • Adjustable 12 point configuration
  • One screw modifies configuration & length of front points
  • Mono point (short or long) for ice climbing & dry tooling
  • Asymmetric dual-point for pure ice
  • Dual point for snow couloirs & gullies
  • Toothed front points offer excellent penetration
  • Precise & efficient placement
  • Stable support on any type of ice
  • Integrated front & rear Antisnow plates
  • Fits sizes 34 – 44

Designed for ice climbing and dry tooling, the Dart Leverlock Fil Crampons from Petzl are the ideal choice for all you ice climbing enthusiasts out there. Thanks to their lateral secondary points, they provide excellent support on all types of ice. The versatile modular design features four modular front points to adapt to different activities without difficulty and the sharp teeth offer excellent penetration and enable precision placement.

Black Diamond

Ultralight Ice Screw

Black Diamond Ultralight Ice Screw 22cm

  • Superlight aluminium shaft with a stainless steel tip
  • Forged aluminium hanger with two clip-in points
  • Wiregate Express handle with plastic knob, clicks open & closed
  • Colour coded for easy indexing
  • UIAA & CE certified
  • Strength: 10kN
  • Available in sizes: 13cm, 16cm, 19cm & 22cm

The new Ultralight Ice Screws from Black Diamond are the lightest in the world. These screws are 45% lighter than the BD Express Screws. A Superlight aluminium shaft is combined with a stainless-steel tip and features two clip-in points.

The Ultralights can also be easily identified by their length and the classic Black Diamond colours.

Black Diamond

Half Dome Climbing Helmet

Half Dome Climbing Helmet

  • Co-moulded EPS foam with low-profile polycarbonate shell
  • Low-profile suspension system
  • Adjustment dial can be used one-handed
  • Easily adjustable chin strap
  • Ventilation ports help keep the head cool
  • Lightweight headlamp clips

The Half Dome Climbing Helmet is a classic from Black Diamond. This new, redesigned helmet has just got better, featuring a lower profile suspension system and one-handed dial. Streamlined headlamp clips are also featured.

This lightweight and easily packable helmet is essential for your next climb.


Nomic Ice Hammer

Petzl Nomic Ice Hammer

  • Pur'Ice pick provides efficient placement in all kinds of ice
  • Pur'Ice pick tapers at the tip to 3mm
  • Head fitted with two removable weights for adjustable balance & propulsion
  • Removable Masselotte pick weights allow balance & propulsion adjustment
  • Minimalist Mini Marteau hammer protects the head & enables piton placement
  • Hydroformed shaft ensures optimal grip in the middle of the shaft
  • Comfortable ergonomic grip over-moulded with rubber
  • Adjustable Griprest handrest adapts to all hand sizes
  • Griprest supports and protects the hand & knuckles
  • Stainless steel spike at base
  • Modular design ensures it can be optimised for the terrain
  • B rated pick, T rated shaft
  • Weight: 585g

Petzl is setting standards with their Nomic. This perfectly balanced axe is equipped with weights, offering excellent swing. Featuring Petzl's Pur'Ice pick, it allows for efficient placement in any type of ice, while the removable Masselotte pick weights make it easy to alter balance and propulsion.

The Nomic is designed with ice climbing in mind, providing excellent comfort with the ergonomic Griprest hand rest, allowing you to adjust to your hand size.


AR-395a Climbing Harness

Arc'teryx Men's AR-395a Climbing Harness

  • Warp Strength Technology effectively disperses pressure
  • Burly Double Weave outer
  • Waistbelt with soft edges for comfort
  • Self-locking waist and leg buckles
  • Adjustable leg loops
  • Adjustable elastic drop seat
  • Four reversible gear loops
  • Four ice clipper slots
  • Rear haul loop
  • Wear safety markers on belay loop and tie in points
  • Weight: 395g (M)

With a streamlined, exceptionally well-crafted design that offers unrivalled climbing comfort, the AR-395a climbing harness from Arc’teryx is the perfect all-rounder. With adjustable leg loops, you can tailor the fit, and the four gear loops, rear haul loop and four ice clipper slots allow for plenty of rack space. This harness is not just ideal for ice climbing but is a great option for rock and alpine climbing too.

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