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Respect The Wild - BMC Wild Camping Advice

Respect The Wild - BMC Wild Camping Advice
10 June 2021

Over the past year the UK's outdoor scene has grown from strength to strength, with people taking the opportunity to discover the beauty and adventure our country has to offer.

Wild camping is one of the most immersive ways to experience the wilderness of our hills and mountains. However, with more people than ever looking to venture into the wild, it's important that we all do our part to respect the wild and look after the environments that make our adventures so special.

Respect the wild code of conduct

BMC have teamed up with adventurer Dwayne Fields and wild camping expert Phoebe Smith for the below video, showing how to leave no trace when wild camping in the hills.

Dwayne Fields and Phoebe Smith said:

"Our motto is, it’s not about planting flags but about planting seeds, which is why we are so happy to back this campaign. Teaching people to wild camp responsibly is key to protecting wild spaces for all of us and, importantly, the next generation. If we can show them how wonderful the outdoors can be whilst showing by example how to care for it, then we can create a whole new army of ambassadors who are passionate about caring for our wilderness areas."

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