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5 Travel Essentials To Keep Your Luggage Secure

5 Travel Essentials To Keep Your Luggage Secure
18 July 2019

Traveling the world is something that more and more of us are getting the chance to do, but the process of getting to the destination can be stressful and exhausting.

Keeping your belongings safe from career thieves as well as opportunists amongst the crowds is becoming increasingly more difficult. The development of technology means there are more ways they can exploit you but there are also more ways you can protect yourself thanks to thoughtful brands like Pacsafe.

This blog highlights some of their key pieces that will help to keep your belongings secure.

Pacsafe RFiDSafe Z50

Pacsafe RFiDsafe z50

While your wallet or purse might not hold any sentimental value, it does hold a great deal of very valuable data about you. With a combination of bank cards, membership cards, and business cards it wouldn’t take too long for someone to piece together a profile and steal your identity.

This trifold wallet from Pacsafe not only features a secure chain to clip to your clothing but also boasts RFiD protection which keeps your data safe from nearby scanners with malicious intentions.

Pacsafe 85 eXomesh

Pacsafe 85 eXomesh

If you travel with a backpack you can’t actually see your luggage when you are on the move as it sits on your back, it wouldn’t be too difficult for someone to tamper with it in a crowded place.

The eXomesh is a protective net that envelopes your pack making sure you can still use your shoulder straps and hip belt for carrying. In addition to protection while on the move, you can also use the mesh to lock your pack securely by wrapping the length of excess wire around fixtures and fittings such as handrails and fixed chair-legs.

Pacsafe Cashsafe 25

Pacsafe Cashsafe 25

Slightly more discreet than the classic travel belt that sits underneath your clothing, the Cashsafe looks like a pretty standard webbing belt designed to be fed through the belt loops of your trousers.

What makes it different is a secret, zipped pocket made with stretchy material so you can store folded cash notes as well as a few coins on the inside of the belt.

Pacsafe Travelsafe X15

Pacsafe Travelsafe x15

The Travelsafe is a handy, portable safe that you can store your essential items and valuables in. The 360° eXomesh locking system is laminated between outer fabrics; this forms a discreet but slash-proof shell while a high-tensile stainless-steel wire combined with a TSA combination padlock allows you to attach it to fixtures and fittings.

There is a handy, detachable shoulder strap as well as carry handles for easy transportation and the light-coloured interior makes it easier to find the contents.

Pacsafe Prosafe 800

Pacsafe Prosafe 800

Perhaps one of the more versatile combination locks available, the ProSafe 800 from Pacsafe is a combination lock that utilises a 10cm long, retractable, high-tensile stainless-steel cable.

It’s ideal for securing things like skis and snowboards while on the move or even while you enjoy food in the restaurant so you can be confident your trip to the slopes is not going to be cut short by thieves.

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