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5 Tips For Walking With Kids

5 Tips For Walking With Kids
16 August 2019 No comments

Image Source: Jenn Richards | Words By: Mark Brigham

In the age of iPads, smart phones and computer games it's a great idea to pull the little ones away from a screen, take them for a walk and enjoy what nature has to offer as a family. The UK has some amazing terrain for walking and there are plenty of short, gentle circular routes available.

Here are some hints and tips to help you along the way.

Let Their Imagination Run Wild...


Marketing Director and father Mark Brigham remembers climbing Snowdon.

"My dad told me a Welsh dragon slept underneath the mountain and could wake up at any time. This encouraged me to walk that little bit faster; the mountain has always been a magical and mythical place to climb ever since."

Telling kids stories will keep them entertained and make the journey more exciting and memorable. It's also great fun to get creative and craft your own mythology - you never know, you could be the next Tolkien...

Keep it Short & Sweet...

Cat Bells Hill

Cat Bells

In the early days of getting your little ones hooked on the mountains and hiking, it's a good idea to keep the distances short. Maybe consider a hill where you can point out the top i.e Cat Bells in the Lakes District. Once there, reward their achievement with something sweet and healthy to keep their spirits and energy high.

Keep it Interesting...

An Old Aeroplane

As adults we walk because we love the freedom it brings, kids, on the other hand, have a shorter concentration span and may ask 'what's the point?'. Holding their attention and keeping them interested can be a simple matter of choosing the right area with some interesting features or history.

One such place with history is Dartmoor, old aircraft can be found strewn across the hillside from WW1. Snake Pass, Derbyshire is also a graveyard for fallen WW2 bombers so you can add a little history lesson to the walk.

Let Them Lead...

A Child with A Map

Hand over the map and compass to your little one and let them do the guiding. They'll love it. You can talk to them about the different keys on the map, what the contours mean, and help them relate to their surroundings. In doing so you're also teaching a great life skill!

Take them on a treasure hunt...

A Treasure Map

Geocaching is one big treasure hunt with some interesting finds at the end. Kids thrive off the excitement and discovery. GeocachingUK has some great ideas for entertaining the kids.

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