From the bustle of a Moroccan medina to the vast wind swept vistas of New Zealand’s National Parks the varied nature of world travel offers an array of experiences to the adventure traveller. As travelling itineraries have become increasingly exotic and diverse, the travel equipment required to ensure safe, enjoyable trips has had to evolve.

Travel packs and accessories have developed to offer the versatility needed to cope with the very different demands placed upon them by the contrasting environs encountered during world travel. Travel to remote locations also requires careful consideration of health and safety implications, and a sophisticated range of travel essentials now exists to aid travellers to combat everything from disease-carrying insects and suspect water sources to unscrupulous pickpockets.

The Ellis Brigham range of travel equipment has been carefully selected to include the most innovative, versatile and reliable products available; allowing you to focus on your trip safe in the knowledge that whatever comes your way your gear won't let you down.