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SIGB Ski Test Day 3

SIGB Ski Test Day 3
27 February 2014 No comments

The sky was blue and the sun was out for the third day running here in Kuhtai, Tirol. Another tough one at the office!

Day three is the one where you want everything to start falling into place. Plenty of skis have been tested by now and the range is beginning to take shape – but it's also a day that can raise important questions.

There are many good skis here, but we're looking for the very best, and this means putting excellent skis head-to-head as the choices are whittled down. Difficult decisions have to be made and ski performance will always be the final decider, so we begin to push them harder.

While it's been sunny all the time we've been here, the air temperature has stayed low, meaning the pistes stay in excellent condition and are exceptional in the mornings. With this in mind we finalised the piste line-up before midday after some high speed tests. This meant we'd completed it in time for the off-piste to soften so we could get the wider skis out to clear up a few questions there.

Eddie testing freeride skis kuhtai

At 3 we had a touring session lined up with the Scarpa and Black Crows team who are using guides from our partner company Glenmore Lodge. After a brief skin we were presented with some fresh snow and amazing turns!

top of Kuhtai, tirol

If the testing on Day three is helping the range to take shape, then the evening meeting really refines it. Skis are discussed and decisions made with skis axed or included, or given one more test. This gives day four real importance as it will become the one which puts almost everything in final place, so the testing takes a more serious edge as the ultimate selection is made.

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All great photos courtesy of Marcin Wiklik.