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Ellis Brigham TCA Youth Squad

Ellis Brigham TCA Youth Squad
18 March 2013 No comments

Members of the TCA Youth squad have been out and about competing last month and doing very well too.

GCC Boulder Comp
At the start of February, Glasgow Climbing Centre held a bouldering competition and 8 of the TCA squad went down to see how they would fair on a different bouldering wall with different holds and setters. They all did really well with victory in the junior boys and girls going to TCA squad members, Rory Schoehuys and Rhiannon Freireich. Victory in the seniors went to coach Cassidy too, who fended off the challenge from the squad members Euan McFadyen and Laurie McLean who had entered into the senior open and held their own against the men.

It was nice to see TCA staff member Jackie Sequiera doing well too!

TCA Squad Results

Junior Girls

1: Rhiannon Freireich (TCA) 140
2: Lucy Ross (TCA)             104

Junior Boys

1: Rory Schoehuys (TCA)      135
2: Ben Schoehuys (TCA)       134
4: Graham Clark (TCA)         125
6: Ben Freireich (TCA)          104

Senior Women

2: Jackie Sequiera (TCA)

Senior Men

1: Alan Cassidy (TCA)
5: Euan McFadyen (TCA)
6: Laurie McLean (TCA)

YCS Round 1: The Peak Stirling

On the weekend of 16th February 10 of the squad took the trip up the M80 to Stirling to visit The Peak leisure centre which was hosting the first round of the 2013 MCofS/BMC Youth Climbing Series. Despite having done a bit of practice with ropes in recent months, most of the squad had had less exposure to route climbing that most of the other competitors. Despite that they showed just how far bouldering can take your climbing in a short space of time by placing high in all categories and the most experienced route climber Rhiannon Freireich winning hers.
In total there were 4 podium positions for TCA Squad members but it was perhaps Jay Vandenhoven and Lucy Ross who deserve the most compliments. Based on the bouldering part of the event Lucy would have taken 3rd but a foot slip high on her final route cost her that place. As for Jay, having only lead 3 routes in his life before the day found himself in 4th position in Youth A, easily the strongest category and had things gone slightly differently on route 3 he might have found himself on a podium in his first ever non-TCA competition too!

It was great to see everyone doing well and seeming to enjoy the day. Hopefully the Glasgow round at the start of March will see even more success.

TCA Squad Results

Youth D Boys

1: Matthew Fall
2: Rory Whyte (TCA)
3: Evan Davis
4: Ben Freireich (TCA)

Youth C Boys

1: David Miedzybrodzki
2: Rory Schoehuys (TCA)

Youth C Girls

1: Rhiannon Freireich (TCA)
2: Holly Davis
3: Emma Davidson
4: Lucy Ross (TCA)

Youth B Boys
1: Ivan Bialy
2: Ian Bownes
3: Euan McFadyen (TCA)

Youth A Boys
1: Fraser McIlwraith
2: Alexander Bosi
3: Euan King
4: Jay Van Donhoven (TCA)
5: Ben Schoehuys (TCA)
6: Laurie McLean (TCA)
7: Graham Clark (TCA)