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Britain on Foot

Britain on Foot
20 July 2015 No comments

Ellis Brigham are supporting Britain On Foot - a national campaign with one clear objective: to encourage more people in Britain to get active outdoors.

Currently inactivity is the world's fourth biggest killer and one in five children in Great Britain are obese.

Luckily there are some simple solutions to overcome this problem, and Britain On Foot aims to elevate the importance of activity in our daily lives activity. Whether this is walking to work, hillwalking, geocaching with the family or trail running we're throwing our weight behind this campaign that is firmly aimed at getting people moving and reducing obesity.

Created and led by the Outdoors Industries Association, (OIA) Britain on Foot is a campaign that aims to provide a nationally recognised umbrella under which the many hundreds of local and regional outdoor related initiatives - most of which share the same goals - can sit.  

We're proud to be supporting the campaign that aims to get more people outdoors. Britain on Foot started as an amalgamation of an idea between the OIA and BMC and has grown to include The National Trust  and Visit England to name just a few, proving that Britain on Foot is in good hands.

How can you get involved?

By encouraging groups of people, friends and family to get outdoors you'll be supporting the campaign there is plenty of advice and inspiration on www.britainonfoot.co.uk