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8 Travel Washing Essentials

8 Travel Washing Essentials
16 June 2017 No comments

Image source: Jeff Hitchcock

Whether you're touring in Europe, trekking through Brazil or island hopping in South East Asia, keeping clean and hygienic can be a challenge on your travels. So we've thrown together some of our favourite travel toiletries and cleaning essentials that will help you fend off the grime of the journey.

1. Osprey Wash Bag Roll

Osprey Wash Roll Bag

Styled on a chef's knife roll this ultra-light washbag protects all your items whilst remaining compact. It is made from tough ripstop nylon – is capable of handling rugged journeys and features multiple zipped compartments to keep your bits organised.

2. Lifeventure Hydrofibre Trek Towel

Lifeventure Hydrofibre Towel

Any microfibre travel towel is a must-have for backpackers, but this ultra-light, space saving trek towel dries 15 times quicker than standard cotton, making it the ultimate in our eyes. Despite its tiny weight the fabric is highly absorbent and coated with a Polygiene anti-microbial odour treatment for long stints away from home comforts.

3. Sea to Summit Sink 

Sea to Summit Sink

If you are travelling within a remote area, access to a water basin or a sink can be limited. This collapsible sink holds up to 10 litres of cold or hot water for washing clothes, dishes or yourself. The wide base and steel rim create a stable structure when in use, but fold flat into a compact, convenient storage case when you're back on the road.

4. Lifeventure Washes

lifeventure all purpose soap lifeventure dry wash lifeventure fabric wash

Lifeventure All Purpose Soap

This all in one soap makes a handy addition to any wash bag. Suitable for use on both skin and fabrics, it's an ideal back-up to keep for emergencies.

Lifeventure Dry Wash

This dry wash is the perfect companion for journeys with long transfer times or when running water is scarce. Requiring no water, it's PH balanced for sensitive skin and comes in an airport compliant bottle.

Lifeventure Fabric Wash

A concentrated fabric wash that comes in a flight-legal 100ml bottle, complete with screw-top lid for added security. You can use it on both standard and technical fabrics and any waste water is environmentally friendly.

5. Lifeventure Flight Bottle Set

Flight Bottle Set

Ideal for hand-luggage-only flights, this range of bottles, sprays and pots complies with international airport security laws. The compact yet sturdy containers allow you to take your favourite shampoo or sun cream and removes the hassle of buying a new set at your destination.

6. Lifeventure Travel Wash Line

Travel Clothes Line

There's nothing worse than doing your laundry only for it to become musty because you've nowhere to dry it properly. Step in the Lifeventure Travel Clothes Line. The twisted braid of this elasticated washing line secures your clothes for quick and easy drying on the move without the need for pegs, while suction cups and hooks mean you can hang it just about anywhere.

7. Lifeventure Sink Plug

Travel sink plug

Campsites, hostels, public loos - backpacking will teach you to never underestimate the value of a sink with a plug. Trust us.

8. Sea to Summit 1L Dry Bag

Travel sink plug

Because if there's one item worth keeping dry, it's your loo roll.

What would you add to your travel bathroom essentials? Let us know in the comments below!

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