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10 Reasons You Need The GoPro Hero4 Session

10 Reasons You Need The GoPro Hero4 Session
23 July 2015 No comments

GoPro have just launched their smallest camera ever, the GoPro Hero4 Session, and we’ve decided to put together a handy list of reasons why you should consider it as your next action camera.

Key Camera Specs:
Video: 1440p30 / 1080p60 / 960p60 / 720p100 fps
Photo: 8MP / 10fps Burst
Waterproof to 10m (33’)
Built-in Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
Protune for Video
Dual Mic System
Auto Image Rotate
Auto Low Light
HiLight Tag
Battery: 2:05 hours – Estimated battery time on 1080p30
74g (2.6oz)

  • Small & Light – 50% smaller, 40% lighter

GoPro Session In Hand

One of the biggest selling points of the GoPro Hero4 Session is it’s new form factor. It is seriously small (smaller than a golf ball in fact) and when you hold it in your hand next to your current action cam you’ll definitely notice the significant difference in weight and size.

You may think that the current GoPro iterations are already fairly small in size, but being half the size and almost half the weight makes this the most versatile GoPro yet. The small form factor means less drag and less interference when in use, which is one reason we can see this being very useful for certain activities like competitive road cycling or trail running.

  • Flexible mounting

GoPro Session 180 Mount

Another great thing about the GoPro Session is that you won’t have to go out and buy a whole supply of new mounts as it works will all the current GoPro mounts.

The lack of separate housing means it can mounted almost flush to any desired surface. Combine this with the included low profile frame, which allows for 180° rotation makes this most flexible GoPro mounting system yet. For example it now makes it so easy when used as a helmet side mount to switch from a POV perspective to a rear facing shot, capturing all the action.

  • Video quality

This little GoPro features nearly all of the features you’ll see in the fully fledged Hero4 Black and silver iterations. With a great range of video resolutions and framerates combined with Superview, Protune and Auto Low Light results in the production of high quality video across a range of conditions.
But for us the best video feature of the GoPro Session is the auto image rotate feature, which means no more worrying about the mountain orientation and no more post-editing corrections. Check out the video above for a great example of what the GoPro Session is capable of.

  • Dual mic

The GoPro Session features an all new Dual Mic which results in significant improvements over your regular housed GoPro. The new mic aims to reduce wind chatter so you feel closer to the action and hear all your mates whooping for joy at their first fresh powder run of the day.

  • Photo capture

Sometimes you might not want to capture the moment with a video, but rather preserve it with a photo. The GoPro Session has the ability to take single, time lapse and burst mode pictures. The burst mode means you can take 10 pictures in just 1 second, meaning you can always be sure you’ve got the shot in that action sequence.

GoPro Session 180 Mount
      1. Wifi + Bluetooth

One of our favourite features of the GoPro Session is its integration with the GoPro app via WiFi and Bluetooth. This enables you to control your camera via a live preview and really helps set up your next shot. What's also great is the ability to view photos and videos just after you've finished shooting them and share via social media, all in a matter of minutes.

        • One button

Another big difference from the established GoPro range is that the GoPro Session features just one button that functions as an on/off switch. You press it, filming starts, you press it again and filming stops.

The simplified approach means no more fiddling around with settings on the GoPro itself, but a huge range of settings that can be adjusted in the GoPro app. The other reason we really like this feature is that it results in improved battery life as you are only using the camera when needed, a fantastic feature.

GoPro Session 180 Mount
          1. Waterproof

The GoPro Session is waterproof down to 10m (33’), making it perfect to take on beach or canoeing trips, as well as keeping it sealed from mountain elements. The best thing about the GoPro Session is that it no longer features the separate waterproof housing seen on the other models, resulting in it’s reduced size and weight.

            • HiLight tags

We can’t shout about this feature enough. The ability to tag and log that moment of ‘epicness’ in your footage has saved us so many hours of scrolling through otherwise mundane footage.

GoPro Session 180 Mount
              1. Built in battery

The GoPro Session features a built-in battery, which can be charged conveniently via its USB port. We love the ability to plug in a portable charger like a Powertraveller Powermonkey Explorer while out and about or just plugging it in at a computer at your next stop.

All of these features make the GoPro Session an easy to use, fun and extremely versatile action camera, which fits in great with the rest of the GoPro range.