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Ice Legacy Borge Ousland

Ice Legacy Borge Ousland
14 December 2018

Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports | 10-12 Southampton Street | WC2E 7HA
Tuesday 26th February 2019

In this highly rated presentation, Norrona ambassador Børge Ousland shares awe-inspiring highlights from his polar explorations and adventures during the past thirty years, up to his recent ‘Ice Legacy’ project.

Having traversed through some of the most difficult conditions on Earth - often alone - Børge shows how rigorous planning, overcoming fear, and finding motivation even at the most seemingly hopeless of moments, has repeatedly led him to success.

In 2006 Børge and partner Mike Horn became the first to reach the North Pole unsupported during the darkness of winter - one of the most technically difficult expeditions ever accomplished. With this expedition, Børge further demonstrates the value of collaboration, compassion, commitment and vision.

 Børge Ousland

In addition to his expeditions, Børge had written five articles for National Geographic Magazine and have received several international awards.