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Ellis Brigham Aviemore Presents A Snowsports Film Night

Ellis Brigham Aviemore Presents A Snowsports Film Night
23 February 2018 No comments

Join us in-store this February and March and enjoy free screenings of some of the years best ski and snowboard films!

Friday 23th February - 8:30pm

Ellis Brigham and PICTURE Present ‘In Gora’
Mambos, Aviemore
PH22 1RB

In Gora

Picture Ski & Snowboard team riders join skier Val and snowboarder Tim aboard their retrofitted American school bus that they have renovated into a big eco-friendly campervan; over the course of a month Val & Tim share their space with the team and chase powder along the way…[45 mins]

Friday 23rd March - 8:30pm

Ellis Brigham, Salomon TV & Cinematic DPS present 4 films to conclude your winter
Mambos, Aviemore
PH22 1RB

Fountain Of Youth

skiers climbing up a mountain

Aging pro freeskier, Mike Douglas, travels to Japan in search of the secrets to perpetual youth and longevity. Between powder skiing sessions, he explores the Japanese diet, fitness, onsens (hot springs) and temples. [22 mins]

MICA – One More Round

A skier in deep snow

Rising star, Andrea Byrne, joins Cody Townsend, Chris Rubens and Leah Evans in one of the best powder skiing locations on earth - Mica Heliskiing. This episode is a throwback to the other classic Salomon Freeski TV episodes from Mica - powder, pillows, and action. [5 mins]

The Shadow Campaign – The Time Within

A watch maker at a desk

As light snow begins to fall in bustling Tokyo outside his family shop, the Timekeeper delicately assembles his masterwork. In precision clockwork, the mystery lies in the finest details-- and the master knows that in a single second of perfect and beautiful synchronicity, there lives an eternity. [5 mins]

The Shadow Campaign – Song for The Nomad

horses riding over snow

Kyrgyzstan's capital city, Bishkek, is a modern whirlwind of sight and sound. But in a concert hall in the heart of the city, the keys of a lone piano carry you out of the chaos and into the timeless Celestial Mountains beyond. A landscape of horsemen and shamans, and young souls brought to life in the heart of nature - they play a song for the nomad-- a requiem for a time gone by. [7 mins]

Film Screenings Dates & Tickets


Friday 23rd February 8:30pm
Films Showing: 'In Gora'


Friday 23rd March 8:30pm
Films Showing: 'Fountain Of Youth', 'MICA – One More Round', 'The Shadow Campaign – The Time Within' and 'The Shadow Campaign – Song for The Nomad'