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Ski Boot Fitting At The SUREfit Boot Lab

Our stores with SUREfit Boot Lab areas offer the best custom ski boot fitting experience and are backed up with one of the largest ski boot ranges in the UK.

The Boot Lab is a revolutionary new ski boot fitting experience with state of the art boot fitting devices and the option of making a free online reservation for your in-store boot fitting.

The store teams are skilled at modifying existing or new boots to achieve that perfect fit, so whether it’s stretching, grinding or softening, they’ll remedy potential problems to give a precise fit, greater comfort and even improved skiing skills!



Book Your Ski Boot Fitting*

Please allow up to 2 hours for the ski boot fitting process.

Choose from one of our following Boot Lab stores:

Covent Garden, London | Tamworth | Bristol | Milton Keynes |

Deansgate, Manchester | Castleford, Leeds | Braehead, Glasgow | Aviemore

*Our complimentary Ski boot appointment service is for use by those people wishing to be fitted for new ski boots or to have adjustments made to ski boots previously purchased at Ellis Brigham. Ski boot fitting and adjustments for ski boots not purchased via Ellis Brigham is chargeable, details of which can be found here.

SUREfit Guarantee

SUREfit is both a way of fitting boots and a system of training. It’s a process that looks at a skier’s history, individual foot shape and biomechanics, taking into account previous injuries and medical problems, with checks and measures to help make the right choice. It also provides Ellis Brigham staff with the skills and knowledge to ensure you get the boots most suited to you.

Ellis Brigham provides the most comprehensive ski hardware training programme in the UK. This involves seminars, coursework, practicals, and one-to-one coaching; focusing on all aspects of boot fitting. Topics covered range from basic anatomy to nerve pathways and cutting edge techniques. The guarantee is offered in addition to your statutory rights, and it is dependent on our advice being accepted during fitting.

Ski Boot Buying Guide

We pride ourselves in being amongst the best at fitting ski boots and in having a wide range of ski boots for different budgets, abilities and foot shapes.

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What You Need To Know: Footbeds

Unlike generic pre-molded insoles a bespoke Custom Footbed provides support to all areas of the foot for comfort and control.

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digital graphic of a foot inside a ski bootdigital graphic of a foot inside a ski boot

Ski Boots: Why Do My Feet Hurt?

Numbness, a burning sensation or just general aches and pains can all drain the enjoyment from a day's skiing. How can we resolve it?

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foot x-ray with red shadow to highlight painful areafoot x-ray with red shadow to highlight painful area

Alpine Ski Boots

Alpine ski boots feature a stiff plastic shell combined with a foam liner boot designed to manoeuver you into a ski position and will deliver excellent control and performance for downhill skiing. As they have a fixed spine at the back they will be difficult to skin or hike in but will give optimum performance on the downhill.

They are available in numerous different widths and sizes so that you can find the right boot for your feet but they'll likely need some manipulation to achieve the best fit. When shopping for ski boots, you should anticipate spending at least an hour with one of our ski boot fitters; this may take longer depending on your requirements.

The fit should be snug, almost feeling a bit short at first but once fastened and with a few ankle-flexes your heel will be pushed into the back of the boot, giving your toes a little extra space. You might still be aware of your toes touching the end of the boot, almost like someone is holding your foot with both hands, but that's normal. With use, the internal volume of a ski boot will increase by about 15% as the foam compresses, so try and avoiding 'sizing up'.

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Alpine Ski Boot Specialists

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Ski Helmet Buying Guide

Just a few years ago helmets on the slopes were the reserve of extreme skiers, now it’s the norm thanks to more comfortable and better fitting helmets.

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man wearing yellow jacket skiingman wearing yellow jacket skiing

Our Best Alpine Ski Boots For 2020

Whether you’re a seasonaire or you get out a couple of weeks every year having a decent pair of boots can make or break your time on the slopes.

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Woman skiing on piste wearing blue jacketWoman skiing on piste wearing blue jacket

Our Best Piste Skis For 2020

These skis are the ultimate choice for ripping around the pisted runs, laying skis over, feeling the edge grip and chasing clean arcs.

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Backcountry Ski Boots

Backcountry touring boots are made to be considerably lighter weight than their alpine counterparts by utilising lightweight plastics, buckles, and liners. While this can be a hindrance to downhill performance, it makes those uphills considerably more manageable. 

The sole unit is usually rubber to ensure better grip when hiking and they also feature a clip at the spine that can be released to allow more flex in the ankle for easier walking and then secured once it's time to shred.

Backcountry ski boots require a ski binding that is compatible with their particular sole unit type. A specific backcountry ski binding is also required that will allow you to ascend as well as descend. There are different binding systems available depending on what your priorities are between minimal weight, ease of use and power.

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Backcountry Ski Boot Specialists

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Our Best Backcountry Skis For 2020

The feeling of skiing in fresh snow, making new tracks is a very unique one, especially when the turns have been earned through sweat and effort, climbing uphill.

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skier wearing orange going downhillskier wearing orange going downhill

Discover Backcountry: Avalanche Safety

We sat down with Henry Schniewind from Henry’s Avalanche Talks to get some do’s and don’ts when it comes to keeping safe in the backcountry.

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couple of backcountry ski tourers looking at the route aheadcouple of backcountry ski tourers looking at the route ahead

The Best Backcountry Ski Resorts

Not all ski resorts are created equal, so we asked our expert staff of backcountry power hounds, ski tourers and seasonaires for their personal recommendations.

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skier taking turnskier taking turn