Our latest range of ski goggles covers the hottest brands, the latest technology and every budget. We've got low-light goggles, bright-light goggles, over-the-glasses goggles, even GPS goggles.

This season we are one of a very few retailers to help launch the Nike goggle collection. Our close connection and success with Dragon made Ellis Brigham/TSA the obvious choice to be the only multiple retailer to stock this new line.

As ever Oakley have some of the best wintersports goggles with high-performance optics and excellent anti-fog lenses. There are bright colours, loud designs or more muted looks; 9 different models including the Canopy, numerous pro-model goggles and the always popular Stockholm women’s goggle. And, for the first time on general release, we have limited numbers of the Airwave 1.5 with its integrated GPS, bluetooth and Heads Up Display.

Dragon continue to have a loyal following with the core sector of the market and still draw huge interest from the mainstream. APX and APXs lead the way with frameless technology and interchangeable lenses. Most importantly all our adult Dragon goggles come with 2 lenses, covering bright-light and low-light conditions.

Scott goggles appeal to a wide range of skiers, with a model for all different budgets and a great range of kids goggles and youth ski goggles. The LCG is a new model for 13/14, utilising a super-fast lens swap technology and a spare lens included.

Our range still includes a select choice of Salomon skiing goggles, with models to include something for everyone from the brand-new, high-spec X-Max goggle with it's spare low-light lens, to the freeride inspired X-Tend models and small fit goggles of the women’s styles.

Finally, we have a Bloc range, with a selection of men’s goggles and women’s goggles that don’t compromise on quality but do provide real value.





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