In the outdoors you must be able to rely on your tent, whether it’s keeping your family sheltered from the storm or providing you with a vital point of retreat on an alpine assault. Cheap, badly designed tents should be avoided at all costs.

At Ellis Brigham we have selected our extensive range of tents from brands whose constant innovations continue to lead the industry. The highest quality materials, advanced construction techniques and functional designs ensure the tents for sale on our website and in our stores represent the very best in their category.

Selecting the correct tent for your chosen activity deserves careful consideration, especially when venturing off the beaten track where any failings can have serious consequences. To help you with this selection process we have organised our tent range into categories based on intended use. These categories each include a range of tents offering different design options so that you can tailor the tent to your specific needs.

For more information and advice, please take a look at our 2013 Tent Buying Guide or talk to one of our camping experts.





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