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Escalator Planned for Ben Nevis

Escalator Planned for Ben Nevis
1 April 2016 No comments

Ben Nevis is set to have its very own escalator to the summit cairn, it has been confirmed this morning.

Officials have laid out plans build a moving staircase to the top of Britain's tallest mountain after members of the public complained of the time it took to walk up using the footpath.

Local councillor Graham Corbett commented, "We had thought about a chairlift or funicular, but we felt an escalator let people at least pretend they were walking up under their own steam."

Ben Nevis Escalator
Going up: An artist's impression of how Ben Nevis's new escalator might look

Campaigner Ben Eavis from the Make Munros Easy group welcomed the news saying, "This is a victory for UK walkers. For too long have people had to get achy feet walking up this iconic peak. People going up Snowdon have had their little railway for ages now - it's about time we beat them".

Construction on the project will begin later this morning.

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