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5 Ways to Create An Awesome Ski Workshop at Home

5 Ways to Create An Awesome Ski Workshop at Home
2 April 2020 No comments

The current situation has left many of us wondering how to fill the time, those jobs you've been putting off for months have nearly all been done and you are thinking of what else you can do.

Whether your annual snowsports trip was cancelled or not, what better way to fill some time than to give your beloved skis and/or snowboards some TLC. First, you'll need somewhere to do it. We have put together some tips on creating a workshop space at home so you can keep your gear in tip-top condition until you can hit the slopes again.

1. A Workbench

Old Workbench

Every good ski and snowboard workshop starts with a solid bench to work on, this will form the basis of your workshop.

You can usually find an old table or desk from eBay or Gumtree for next to nothing. Afterall, scratches and marks won't matter!

If you don't have space for a permanent bench here are a few alternatives:

  • Buy a cheap collapsible keyboard stand – the rubber pads on it are excellent at gripping the ski or board.
  • A basic solution is to turn two chairs back to back and simply lay your ski or snowboard across.

2. A Vice

Ski vice wooden blocks

Once you have a bench, fixing a vice to it should be your next priority. Securing your skis or board allows you to work on your edges and repair and dings. You can buy ski vices from servicing and ski companies but these are often expensive.

A very simple method for securing yours skis is to attached two rectangle blocks of wood to your bench and tape some foam padding to the top of the blocks. This give you space to rest you skis upside down whilst your skis are held securely for edge work.

3. Parts Storage

Workshop jam jar idea

Keeping a few spare binding screws and washers is always a good idea - especially if you have a snowboard. Collect an old jam jar, clean it out and then drill a hole through the lid. Screw the lid to the bottom of a shelf around head height. You can now see all your screws, washers and other bits though the glass and you only need one hand to undo the jar.

4. A Ski or Snowboard Rack

homemade ski rack

If you're going to be servicing a few pairs of skis (for family or friends) having a little rack to store them in makes it a bit easier. It also means you don't have to lean them against a wall and risk them sliding and hitting the floor.

Any piece of rectangular wood can be screwed to your garage wall and pieces of dowel slotted into it. Add a piece off old carpet or a door mat (or something similar) under the rack to help protect the tail, and rubber bands to the dowel rods for further grip. This all ensures your skis or snowboard remain upright, scratch-free and easy to work with.

5. Tool storage

Tools on a knife rack

One of the most simple and useful ways to store your tools is a magnetic knife rack on a wall. You can fit all different shapes and sizes of tool on it, you can see all your tools at a glance and it's really easy to grab the tool you want.

About the Author:

Pete Fletcher - Outdoor Expert

Pete grew up hiking most of the trails in the Lake District before being introduced to skiing. A decade later and you're most likely to find him snowboarding, skateboarding or making a mean coffee.

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