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5 Reasons Why We Love Wild Camping

5 Reasons Why We Love Wild Camping
15 June 2020

Pitch your tent in the back of beyond and wake up in a pocket of nature that's all your own. Here are five of our favourite reasons to give wild camping a go.

Explore Britain

Wild camping isn’t legal everywhere in the UK, but luckily the corners of Britain where it is allowed are some of the country’s most wild and beautiful landscapes.

You can wild camp in most part of Scotland and on Dartmoor National Park, provided you follow certain rules and leave no trace of your visit – how about pitching your tent on a Hebridean beach or remote moorland on your next camping adventure?

"Wild camping means you'll often have
a glorious untamed landscape all to yourself."

Escape The Crowds

We boast thousands of glorious campsites in Britain – but they aren’t very peaceful when droves of cars and campers descend on them each year, especially during the school holidays.

Wild camping lets you escape far from the madding crowds, and if you hike into a wild camping spot you’ll often find you have a glorious untamed landscape all to yourself for the night, even in the height of summer.

Build Your Skills

Wild camping does require more planning than an impromptu trip to a local campsite, but sleeping in remote places is also a great way to brush up on key outdoor skills such as route navigation, hiking in challenging terrain, packing the right kit and provisions for multi-day adventures and cooking on compact stoves.

It’s also brilliant for practising leaving no trace when you explore the outdoors.

Wild Camping

Try A Bivvy

Bivvying (from bivouac, a temporary shelter) is the hardcore, no-frills version of wild camping. Essentially, it’s just wrapping your sleeping bag in a waterproof bag, known as a bivouac or bivvy, and sleeping out in the elements.

We love it because it’s also a great way to feel a lot closer to nature – the last thing you’ll see before you shut your eyes are the stars and the first thing you’ll see in the morning will be sunrise.

Get Back To Basics

Sick of the sheer amount of kit you seem to need for a camping holiday in a campsite? Try sleeping wild instead. There’s no hefty tent or caravan awning to erect, monster stove to try to ignite or folding chairs to catch your finger in – wild camping is as minimalist as it gets, and it’s a great reminder that all you really need is a small backpacking tent (or a bivvy bag) to spend a night in amazing wild places.

If you are keen to get involved, see our beginner's guide to wild camping for more information.

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