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Discover Backcountry: 5 Must-See Backcountry Films

Discover Backcountry: 5 Must-See Backcountry Films
3 October 2018

Endless powder, huge airs and big slashes. Sound like your type of ski film?

Every good backcountry movie has all of the above and showcases athletes taming, if only temporally, some of the highest mountains and steepest faces. We've pulled together 5 of our favourite backcountry shorts from the last 12 months.


Match Stick Productions

'All In' is a film that delivers a first of its kind experience. This concept is spearheaded by a talented group of hard-charging women who wanted to disrupt the male-dominated ski film formula. Skiing isn’t exclusionary. True fun in the mountains can be shared by everyone. This isn’t your typical “Women can shred too” film, this is a kick-ass ski film that just happens to feature as many women as men.

Here After

A Tanner Hall Film

Tanner Hall rolls back the years in his latest film “Here After” hitting spines, dropping cliffs and massive lines across Montana, Alaska, California, and Sweden.

The Borderline Project

Salomon TV

Mountain guide and adventurer Tristan Knoertzer planned a 25 day trip, 300km loop between France, Switzerland and Italy without any motorised assistance. A loop never done before.

Before Blank

Blank Collecticve

The blank crew takes a light-hearted and retrospective look into the similarities and differences that drove each member down their own path. Their deep passion for skiing began at a young age, and that link continues to shape their lives today.


Match Stick Productions

Eric Hjorleifson lets his skiing speak for itself. He doesn’t stand on the bar and shout out his accolades. He skis for brands that give him 100% creative control over the equipment that he designs and uses. He chases storms. He ditches his cell phone for weeks at a time. His exploits are rarely flaunted on social media. In spite of all of this – or maybe because of it – he is a hero to legions of skiers across the globe. This is who Eric is – this is “HOJI.”

pete fletcher

About the Author:

Pete Fletcher - Ski Tech & Outdoor Expert

Pete grew up hiking most of the trails in the Lake District before being introduced to skiing. A few decades later and you're most likely to find him snowboarding, skateboarding, fixing your skis like no one else or making mean coffee.