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Why You Need To Visit Kitzbuhel This Summer

Why You Need To Visit Kitzbuhel This Summer
27 February 2018 No comments

It’s September 2017 and we’ve arrived in the alpine town of Kitzbühel for the Spring/Summer photo shoot. In the past, we’ve visited Kitzbühel to ski and snowboard and it's a beautiful winter town that regularly gets voted one of the top European winter destinations.

However, the snow has gone on this visit and the town has a very different feel. The sun is shining and people are relaxing in cafes and bars after a hard days hiking or climbing. Plenty of people choose to base themselves here to explore the surrounding hills and mountains and it's easy to see why.

Here’s an overview of why Kitzbühel has so much more to offer than winter sports:

Kitzbühel, 365 days of Alpine lifestyle

Shaped by the mountains, its zest for sport and the pursuit of the extraordinary – Kitzbühel is a synonym for passion, one that gives rise to an unmistakable way of life. The most legendary city of sports in the Alps, it has wide appeal across the seasons.

The legend lives on

two people walking through a lake above a valley

Whatever the season, Kitzbühel is steeped in its own inimitable style, with an effortless blend of tradition, folklore and spine-tingling scenery. Majestic mountain landscapes such as the Wilder Kaiser, the Kitzbüheler Horn and the Hahnenkamm characterise the vast landscape, where the name Kitzbühel has always represented Sport and Lifestyle. The charming synergy of these supposed opposites is the proverbial essence of Kitzbühel – a city of self-assured diversity.

Summer thrills in Kitzbühel

paragliding above kitzbuhel

An inimitable combination of sporting activities and the essential pleasures of rest and relaxation. Summers spent in the heart of the Alps are not only defined by sporting tradition, but by the unique attitude towards life.

As a year-round destination, this endearing ambience makes Kitzbühel the most congenial of hosts. A plethora of mountains, meadows and lakes coupled with culinary diversity, exclusive shops and a wealth of leisure and recreational activities – this is summer in Kitzbühel.

The magic of hiking

two people hiking along a path

Kitzbühel has a proven track record as a true hiker’s paradise. Nestled between the Hahnenkamm and the Kitzbüheler Horn lies a veritable feast of hiking opportunities – with over 1,000 km of well signposted hiking trails.

Whether in and around Kitzbühel, along the banks of the streams or traversing the native grass mountains, unforgettable views await. Imagine exploring the alpine meadows at over 2,000 meters with the majestic mountain backdrop of the craggy peaks of Wilder Kaiser – a truly memorable hiking experience. And not forgetting runners and Nordic walkers, who can pursue their own Kitzbühel adventure from a network of 23 routes covering over 170km.

Golfer’s paradise in the heart of the Alps

a man hitting a golf shot out of a bunker

With four golf courses and the unmistakable backdrop of Kitzbühel, a warm welcome awaits both golf professionals and aspiring golfers alike.

The Kitzbühel Golfcard allows you to play on greens against the breathtaking backdrop of an Alpine vista. It could be the 18-hole courses at Kitzbühel-Schwarzsee-Reith Golf Club or Eichenheim Golf Club, or the 9-hole courses at Kitzbühel Golf Club or making use of the facilities at Golf and Country Club Rasmushof – your perfect tee spot awaits.

Kitzbühel Golf School and Golf Academies offer exceptional courses for all golfers, to get that swing perfected! Why not kick off the legendary Kitzbühel Golf Circuit at Kitzbühel-Schwarzsee-Reith Golf Club – Austria’s Best Golf Course 2016? The Kitzbühel Golf Circuit is the “crème de la crème” of Alpine golf, so a must for all discerning players.

Around we go

Two people cycling around a lake

Endless possibilities await cycling enthusiasts both in and around Kitzbühel to explore the region on two wheels. Experienced road bike enthusiasts may like to tackle what is known as the “crowning stage” of the Tour of Austria - the ascent to the Kitzbüheler Horn. Daredevils can enjoy an adrenaline charged downhill sprint, while pleasure cyclists follow a cathartic ride through one of Europe‘s most beautiful settings.

Kitzbühel offers a well-established and diverse cycle network, with 1,200 km of routes incorporating 18,000 metres in altitude difference. Mountain bikers can look forward to 800 kilometres of designated routes and a wide choice of trails. With E-bikes also available, pleasure seeking cyclists have no end of comprehensive bike paths open to them to explore the exquisite scenery along the largest connected e-bike road net in Europe.

Pleasure and leisure

Kitzbuhel shops

Kitzbühel – a blend of customary Tyrolean hospitality and a most distinctive urban vibe. Where pleasure knows no boundaries! Kitzbühel’s diverse culinary delights range from “Toque” award-winning restaurants to the traditional rustic Tyrolean Taverns.

A delicious Tyrolean “Marende” (snack) awaits the walker seeking refreshment and relaxation in the rustic mountain huts. The perfect spot to re-fuel, re-charge and relax, immersed in the region’s flawless natural beauty.

The historic Old Town offers a wealth of exclusive boutique shopping, together with countless spa offers and wellness packages. Kitzbühel has enough to impress even the most widely of travelled guests, not least with its impressive array of 5 and 4 star hotels, and its easy accessibility.

Experience Kitzbühel

A family walking

Thanks to the user-friendly sign posts dotted throughout the hiking trails, a lone exploration of the region presents no problems. The adventure portal (www.erlebnis.kitzbuehel.com) offers an easy guide to preparing your hike to maximise the pleasures of hiking, with route options, distances, ability levels and altitude profiles.

Kitzbühel Tourism also offers a warm invitation to those who prefer daily walks with a free guide to the most breath-taking places in Kitzbühel.

Feel Kitzbühel, Experience Kitzbühel!

Mountains inspire adventures that beg to be experienced! Walking, hiking or running, cycling and mountain biking, golfing, swimming, feeling nature’s inherent rhythmic beat, or simply enjoying the diversity of historic town – Kitzbühel’s pure lust for life is palpable, fused with extraordinary mountain vistas and incredible experiences.

Don't dream it, book it! www.kitzbuehel.com