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Teva Original Universal Sandal Review

Teva Original Universal Sandal Review
1 July 2019

In 1984 a river guide modified a flip-flop with an old Velcro watch strap to help secure it to his ankle and the Teva Sandal was born. This design soon became popular with other rafters and hikers who enjoyed the comfort and solid fit.

Today this iconic sandal lives on as the Teva Original Universal, retaining its rafting heritage and clean looks with modern materials and construction.

We gave a pair of the sandals to Pete from our web team to take to the dusty hills of Subirats, in Spain, to see if they lived up to their reputation.

Initial Thoughts

My feet are relatively wide so I was unsure of how they would fit but after a few seconds adjusting the straps they were sitting comfortably. The body of the sandal supported the arches in my feet without being too firm and my little toes weren’t crushed.


Key Features

teva original sandals 

  • Polyester webbing uppers
  • Cushioned EVA footbed
  • Multi-point adjustment for a customised fit
  • Durabrasion Rubber sole

Durabrasion Sole

The Durabrasion sole is a highly durable rubber that delivers plenty of grip without adding unnecessary bulk or weight.

Teva Sandal Durabrasion sole


EVA Contoured Footbed:

The midsole provides excellent support and cushioning for your foot while remaining light.

Teva Sandals Eva contoured footbed


Hook & Loop Closure System:

A simple and reliable system for adjusting and closing the straps around your feet.

Teva Sandal hook & loop closure system


How did it perform?

Teva Sandals Performance

Grip: 8/10

Walking around gravel roads and grassy fields the Durabasion soles easily gripped the surface and provided a sure footing.

Materials: 9/10

The build quality of the sandals was good; with solid stitching and a robust sole, they feel like they are built to last.

Comfort/adjustability: 9/10

The straps are quick and easy to adjust to the width of your ankle and forefoot and the contoured sole sits nicely against your foot.

Stability: 8/10

Around the front and back of the ankle, the straps anchor your foot to the midsole while the front strap sits comfortably behind your toes keeping you from catching the lip of the sandal.

Aesthetics/style: 9/10

The simple styling, neat straps and subtle logo, give the sandal a vintage feel that works well in the day with shorts and just as good in the evening with jeans or chinos.


Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Good Grip
  • Clean looks


  • No over the toe protection


Overall Verdict

For anyone that normally wears a flip-flop and is looking for more grip and support with a negligible weight increase, the Teva Original is a great upgrade. They hold their own on a variety of terrain and are smart enough to wear in the evening for dinner.


About the Author:

Pete Fletcher - Outdoor Expert

Pete grew up hiking most of the trails in the Lake District before being introduced to skiing. A few decades later and you're most likely to find him snowboarding, skateboarding, or making awful coffee.

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