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Our Top 2021 Men's Alpine Ski Boots for Wide Feet

Our Top 2021 Men's Alpine Ski Boots for Wide Feet
23 October 2020

Whether you are looking to buy your first pair of ski boots, or you are a seasoned pro, finding a boot that suits your foot shape is essential and will have a major impact on your skiing and comfort. We’ve therefore put together our list of top alpine ski boots for wider feet to help guide your search.


Men's Edge Lyt 110

Head Edge Lyt 110

Head’s Edge Lyt 110 was new last season and carries the Edge name of the previous models, but apart from the fact it is a generous fit and suits good intermediates and advanced skiers, it’s a totally overhauled boot.

The biggest updates are the weight and the flex. It is around 20% lighter and with the Smart Frame, has a more dynamic rebound. Hi-Top Tech uses a higher shell internally, increasing contact with the tongue and providing more support, meaning less effort is required to transmit forces and drive skis. The Form Fit shell and the Memory Fit 3D liner can both be custom moulded during the fitting to improve comfort and precision. The flex can also be adjusted to further tune the set-up.


Men's Hawx Magna 110

Atomic Hawx Magna 110

The Atomic Hawx Magna takes the class-leading technology of the Hawx range and applies it to a wider, more generous design. This is a go-to choice for intermediate and advanced skiers needing volume in their boots but wanting to retain performance.

A Memory Fit shell with a mouldable Silver Liner means it can be customised for the best possible fit. Power Shift adjusts the flex and amount of forward lean to suit individual skiing styles, further fine-tuning the fit.


Men's R-Fit 120 GW

Roxa R-Fit 120 GW

Italian brand Roxa are creating a strong reputation for themselves, and the R/Fit 120 is a fantastic example of the quality of their boots, and a fantastic option for those with wider feet.

The R/Fit 120 is from their all mountain range and brilliantly combines comfort, performance and light weight in a relaxed fit. The Next Generation shell uses PU+ material that has excellent heat moulding capability and provides impressive strength whilst remaining light. To boost comfort it has been pre-formed in key areas including the navicular and ankle to create more space.


Men's HF 110 GW

Nordica HF 110 GW

The HF 110 has not only resurrected rear entry boots, but Nordica have completely reworked the concept. In this case, HF stands for Hand Free – getting the boots on and off is really that easy.

The totally new model is also notably light and provides great foot hold for medium and wide feet thanks to clever shaping, some cool features and the excellent custom fitted, pre-formed and impressively warm 3D Cork Fit PrimaLoft liner.


Men's HP Crestone

Apex HP Crestone

Apex ski boots deliver all the performance you demand but their unique design adds comfort and convenience. The HP Crestone doesn’t use a full plastic shell, instead the open chassis construction has a rigid outer skeleton that powers and drives the skis, with a separate walkable boot that sits inside this frame. It uses three clips to secure the boot and can be tuned to each skier via an adjustable forward lean, three position flex and dual cuff alignment.

The liner uses a multi-density heat mouldable foam that can be shaped to better fit the skier’s foot. Simple but effective dual Boa closure systems ensure good wrap and an even pressure. The walkable boot has high-traction outsoles and will help you get around resort safely and comfortably.


Men's RC One 100 GW

Fischer RC One 100 GW

Fischer’s brand-new RC One 100 will delight intermediate skiers who want a high volume fit that can be customised to the max. The unique Vacuum process moulds the boot to the skier’s foot during the fitting, ensuring the best all-over shape which means a comfortable, even pressure and excellent foot hold.

The fit is enhanced with the custom moulding of the foams of the inner boot. The Floating Entry system provides easy entry and exit; GripWalk soles make getting around easier and safer.

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