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Our Top 2021 Men's Alpine Ski Boots For Narrow Feet

Our Top 2021 Men's Alpine Ski Boots For Narrow Feet
16 October 2020

Sometimes, choosing the right ski boot can be a bit of a task, especially for those with narrow feet. You want something that is going to give you ultimate comfort but also compliments your abilities, and with our list of alpine ski boots for narrow feet, you can be sure you have something that does just that!


Men's Hawx Ultra 130 S

Men's Atomic Hawx Ultra 130 S

This boot definitely deserves the name Ultra. It sits at the top of our advanced/expert selection with a True Flex shell of 130. True Flex offers something extra compared to traditional PU plastics as it is less affected across a large temperature range. While PU softens or stiffens as the mercury goes up or down altering the way the boot reacts, True Flex stays consistent and the boot feels the same no matter how cold it gets.

This high-grade plastic also means an ultra-thin shell can be produced without making any sacrifice on performance or shell stability, only an increase in sensitivity and a noticeable weight saving. The Energy Backbone on the spine effectively transmits forces to drive skis, and the Power Shift on the rear of the cuff allows forward lean to be adjusted and the flex to be altered, ensuring a personalised setup. A 98mm last and pre-formed ankle pockets provide all the foot hold and reassurance good skiers want; the in-store moulded Memory Fit liner and shell complete the customisation for the best possible fit.


Men's S/MAX 120

Salomon Men's S/MAX 120

Salomon’s S/MAX 120 represents a different way to build boots. Coreframe construction uses an internal frame reinforcement, stiff and sat close to the foot. This allows for thinner shell walls, sensitivity, better transmission and an associated weight saving, without any loss of strength. It makes them one of the lightest, most powerful boots on the market.

Salomon use a Sense Amplifier, a softer plastic at the top of front cuff section which is joined solidly to the power strap. This innovation allows for quicker rebound and better snow feel. The liner hasn’t been ignored either, a clever seamless design saves weight and reduces potential pressure points, and it is of course ready to be custom fitted to the skier’s foot. The Custom Shell HD moulding system is fast and effective, resulting in impressive shaping, comfort and precision.


Men's ProMachine 120

Nordica Men's ProMachine 120

Nordica’s Promachine range has been grabbing significant market share since it was launched 2 years ago thanks to the combination of excellent out of the box fit and lightweight performance. Tri Force Construction uses 3 different plastics to mix powerful energy transmission, comfortable foot wrap and ease of entry and exit. This shell can also be modified simply using the Nordica’s own Infrared Technology to better match the skier’s foot shape to boost control and comfort, with latter enhanced by the custom moulding of the pre-formed 3D Cork PrimaLoft liner.


Men's Hawx Ultra 110 S

Atomic Men's Hawx Ultra 110 S

The impressively light Hawx Ultra 110 S version is the ultimate choice for advanced skiers with a narrower foot. A Memory Fit shell can be moulded up to 4mm wider across the forefoot (more in the ankle and navicular) which means the boot suits various foot shapes. The Memory Fit 3D Gold Liner fine-tunes the fit. A Power Shift function adjusts forward lean to let you choose how to attack the hill and the Energy Backbone provides all the drive and power you’ll need.


Men's S/MAX 100

Salomon Men's S/MAX 100

Salomon raised the bar with the S/MAX 100: lighter, stronger, with increased sensitivity and even more effective customisation compared to previous models and the competition. The Coreframe construction positions a stiff internal frame close to foot for power and direct energy transmission. A softer Custom Shell HD material wraps the foot and is moulded and customised in-store. A complete process taking just 10 minutes. The seamless Custom Fit 3D Sport liner adds extra personalisation as well as warmth. A big hit with good skiers wanting a slimmer fit.

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