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Live Breathe Outdoors With GORE TEX

Live Breathe Outdoors With GORE TEX
12 April 2018 No comments

We took four members of our staff from across the UK to Glenmore Lodge, in the Cairngorm National Park, to test out the latest GORE-TEX® equipment and clothing in their field of expertise.

Ellis Brigham believe the best way we can serve you as a customer is to encourage and develop our staff's passion for their chosen activity. This allows us to offer you in-depth, up-to-date and industry-leading knowledge, service and advice.

Martin, Trail Running expert

Ellis Brigham Aviemore

Martin trail running expert

Find out more about Martin's passion for trail running

Marta, Hiking expert

Ellis Brigham Fort William

Marta Hiking expert

Find out more about Marta's passion for hiking

Mike, Camping expert

Ellis Brigham Leeds

Mike Camping experts

Find out more about Mike's passion for camping

Benj, Climbing Expert

Ellis Brigham Leeds

Benj Climbing Expert

Find out more about Benj's passion for climbing