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How To Walk In Ski Boots

11 February 2020
How To Walk In Ski Boots

Our partners, New Generation, have produced a series of how-to videos for first-time skiers. They have 20 years’ experience in helping people develop their technique, build confidence, and have fun on the slopes.

For a first-time skier, walking in ski boots can be challenging. So, to make it a little easier, here are a few quick tips that will get you walking up and downhill with confidence.

How To Walk in Ski Boots

  • When walking on a flat surface, it is easier to walk normally just heel and toe.
  • If you're heading uphill, it's best to walk on the tips of your toes, kicking into the snow.
  • If you're heading downhill, use your heels to dig into the snow.

Now you know how to walk in your ski boots, getting around the resort has never been easier. If you would like any more information on first-time skiing, check out New Generation's Learn to ski page.

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