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Freestyle Jargon Buster

Freestyle Jargon Buster
6 October 2012 No comments

A bluffer's guide to tricks, hits & wipe outs

Do you know your 'butters' from your 'blind sides'? If the answer to that question is 'no' then read on as we kick off the winter season with a little guide, from Mark Watson in our Milton Keynes store, that may help you bluff your way into the park....

Spins -  this refers to the degrees of rotation between taking off and landing from a jump. This should ONLY ever be done in increments of 180 degrees so you land forwards or backwards, otherwise you’ll end up in a ‘yardsale’(see general terms)

Grabs – Grabbing the ski in cool places that looks pleasing to the eye. This can be added to a spin to add difficulty but most importantly steez (again, see general terms)

Corked/ off axis – this occurs when the rider drops or throws a shoulder up when spinning causing the spin to rotate off axis, much the same as the way the earth rotates 'off axis'.

Rail slide – the general term used when a person or persons travels at (but not limited to) 90 degrees down a rail or a box with the centre of the foot over the centre of the rail.

Nose / tail slide – a variation of the rail slide, but instead of the centre of the foot focused over the obstacle, it is as the name suggests the nose or tail.

Switch up – a person switches up when they are facing one direction during a rail slide then jumps mid rail slide to face the other way.

Butter – This has nothing to do with toast! It is in fact when either the nose or tail has weight heavily applied to it causing the other end to lift off the floor, then you can rotate on the weighted end, travelling in straight lines is over rated anyway!

Blind side – usually refers to a rotation on or off of a rail where the skier has to rotate up hill causing them to lose sight of the direction they are travelling.

Bone / tweak – when the movements of a trick are emphasised to add style, but most commonly used when referring to grabs.

Switch - the expression used for taking off, landing or skiing backwards. More points will be awarded in competitions for tricks that are switch due to the increased degree of difficulty.

Right/left side – the direction in which a trick is performed.

Sick – nothing to do with being poorly, It is a word that is used when cool just won’t do!

Stack/bail/yardsale/ragdoll – just a few terms used to describe the undesired consequences of when tricks go wrong!

Steez – this is a term that it used to describe the style of someone’s trick, tricks or skiing. it e.g. "that guy has sick steeze" or "that trick was so steezy!".