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Caring for your Icebreaker

Caring for your Icebreaker
22 March 2013 No comments

Icebreaker base layers and mid layers are designed to be easy for you to care for. We recommend that you wash your Icebreaker garments on a normal warm or cool machine wash cycle with regular powder or liquid detergent, not wool detergent. Don’t use fabric softener or bleach. Separate lights and darks as usual. Also, do not expose any Icebreaker garment to heat and do not tumble dry.

NOTE: After your first 2-3 uses, we recommend that you wash the garment separately to diminish the appearance of any short fibres from the fabric.

Complete instructions for best results:

1. Wash like colours together (e.g separate lights and darks)
2. Wash prints inside out
3. Close all zippers
4. Use warm or cool machine wash on a normal cycle (avoid a hot wash, this contributes to shrinkage)
5. Use regular detergent, not wool detergent
6. Do not use bleach or fabric softener under any circumstances (your Icebreaker couldn’t be any softer)
7. Wash occasionally with denim (e.g. jeans with the zipper closed) or other coarse fabrics to remove any loose fibres
8. Do not iron prints or labels
9. Line dry garments – do not tumble dry (except socks, see below)

For Icebreaker Socks:

Only socks: Tumble dry on a low heat, inside out

Other Care Tips:

Pilling: How to prevent it and how to treat it
Pilling is a natural process that is inherent in merino fabric due to the fact that merino is a staple fibre. Generally if pilling occurs, it’s because the shorter fibres are working their way to the surface of the fabric.
The best way to avoid pilling is to wash a new Icebreaker within 3 wears. To alleviate the pilling, we suggest that you wash the garment with a coarser fabric such as denim jeans (ensure all zippers are closed). The fabric will improve over time as the shorter fibres are removed.

Can Wool Detergent be used on Icebreaker garments?
The structure of Merino is actually quite different than regular wool. Our fabric is designed to be washed on a regular cycle with regular detergent. Interestingly, detergents that are designed especially for woollens are suitable for use on coarser wool but often contain softeners that can actually damage the finer Merino fibres, potentially causing holes or general fabric deterioration.

Garments and odour:
Merino fibres have the characteristic of drawing moisture away from the body and either absorbing or releasing this moisture, which eliminates clamminess and ensures that the garments remain odour-free. The fibres work this way in our Icebreaker thermal tops and bottoms the same as they do in the sheep that supply our Merino wool.
We strongly recommend that our customers only wash their garments on a normal cool or warm wash cycle with regular washing powder. Hand washing can enable a residual build up of perspiration which could contribute to an odour problem.