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5 Travel T-shirts You'll (Almost) Never Have To Wash

5 Travel T-shirts You'll (Almost) Never Have To Wash
7 November 2017 No comments

Let's face it, the last thing you’re going to feel like doing when globetrotting across the world is a clothes wash.

The humble cotton tee is definitely out of its comfort zone when it comes to travelling in hot climates and will quickly pick up odours, due to its non-wicking nature. This, on the other hand, is where the technical tee shines. Often constructed from anti-microbial treated, moisture-wicking synthetic fabric or naturally odour-resistant merino, these t-shirts make for perfect companions while on the road.

We've put together a list of our top tried and tested travel tees, all of which are sweat-wicking, breathable and resistant to odour; meaning you can wear these tees for that extra day or two.

Mountain Equipment GroundUp T-Shirt

Mountain Equipment Ground Up T-Shirt

The GroundUp is one of our favourite lightweight tech tees. It is constructed using a unique mix of 'drirelease' fabric (natural and synthetic wicking fibres) and Polygiene anti-microbial technology, which results in a highly odour resistant, rapid drying and stretchy garment.

When testing the GroundUp, we found that you really could wear the T-shirt for a substantially longer period of time than you’d be able to get away with a cotton tee. It wicks away moisture and dries incredibly fast, making it an ideal choice for any traveller.

Arc’teryx Men's Phasic Evolution S/S Crew | Women's Kapta S/S Zip Neck

Arc'teryx Tees

Arc'teryx are renowned for producing exceptional high-quality products and the Phasic Evolution and Kapta are no different. These tees use Phasic and Endogauge fabric, that give exceptional moisture management - so much so that we struggled to see any dampness at all when wearing them. They were also some of the most comfortable, lightweight and well-fitting T-shirts we’ve worn.

Icebreaker Men's Sphere Polo | Icebreaker Women's Tech Lite 3/4 Henley

Icebreaker Sphere Polo & Tech Lite Henley

Icebreaker has been producing merino-based garments since 1994 and only uses the highest quality merino. They also employ strict conditions on environmental and animal welfare and every garment has a ‘Baacode’, which allows the consumer to trace the origins of their Icebreaker.

The natural odour-resistance of merino means that both the Icebreaker Men’s Polo and Women’s Tech Lite 3/4 Henley are the perfect choice for any trip. The Polo is constructed from merino blended with Tencel (a fibre with exceptional wicking ability) and nylon, which helps increase its durability. The polo design makes for a stylish garment, which would be equally home in the local bar or a day’s trekking. The Women’s Tech Lite 3/4 Henley is a combination of ultralight merino and nylon, resulting in a soft, highly breathable and odour-resistant tee. The 3/4 sleeves provide that extra coverage in sunny climates and the Henley styling gives a less technical and more fashionable look.

Whether it’s travelling across Asia or skiing in the Alps, our staff will attest to the quality, durability and odour resistance of Icebreaker products.

inov-8 Triblend S/S Tee

Inov-8 Men's Triblend S/S Logo Tee

Travel in comfort with these inov-8 Triblend tees. Made from Tri-Blend yarns, they wick sweat and moisture away from the body while providing a soft next-to-skin feel – great for long flights and bus rides. This is a great item for any rainy season; the lightweight fabric allows air to circulate and dries quickly if you get caught in a downpour.

The North Face Men's S/S Tanken Raglan | Women's Reaxion Amp Crew

The North Face tees

We love The North Face Tanken Raglan and Reaxion Amp Crew because of their casual, relaxed styling and soft cotton-like feel. But looks can be deceptive and although casually styled, it features synthetic wicking fibres, which provides exceptional moisture management, perfect for high-intensity activities or hot climates.

These technical tees will hands-down out-perform a cotton one when participating in energetic activities or travelling in hot climates, so if you want to lay off the clothes washing and enjoy the journey, grab yourself one now.

You can view the rest of our technical T-shirt range here.