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5 of the Harshest Environments on Earth

5 of the Harshest Environments on Earth
9 October 2013 No comments

We've travelled to some cold places in our time but nothing compares to these the coldest but most beautiful places on earth. The gear we stock was designed to withstand some of the harshest weather nature can throw at it and nowhere will test it more then these destinations:

With wind speeds that top 320km/h, temperatures that plummet below -89deg C and precipitation levels that match the driest of deserts, it's safe to say that a holiday in Antarctica is like no other. This rare setting allows for a theatre of larger-than-life natural dramas to unfold in front of you during your journey. Observe as penguins, seals and whales go about their daily life and you glide among them – not yet afraid of humans. Even amateur photographers will achieve some incredibly special snaps of wildlife and scenery.

Lake Titicaca:
This remarkable lake unites desolate altiplano, with the fierce peaks and fertile valleys of the Andes. The rich green of the sun-trapped islands contrasts with the freezing dirt farms. Despite its coldest temperatures, that can reach -8°C, Lake Titicaca shimmers a distinctive deep blue, and its gem-like islands and gentle shores make for an agricultural paradise. This natural wonder can chill one with its sheer presence, let alone actual climate. It is a stunningly beautiful place, and is a must-see on any holiday to Bolivia or Peru.

El Tatio Geysers:
Despite the Tatio Geysers being found in the heart of the Atacama desert, don't be fooled in to assuming a desert provides constant sun-scorching heat – you'll need to dress in layers for the prime time early morning visit as it’s toe-numbingly cold at sunrise. Journey Latin America offer a holiday that features a guided excursion to the Moon Valley and El Tatio Geysers, so that you can explore the stunning, spectacular field that boasts over 80 active and gurgling geysers. This is an adventurer's haven, but we must advise that you tread carefully to avoid thin surfaces!

Take any opportunity to see the impressive Uyuni salt flats that occupy the south western corner of Bolivia. Drive across the starkly beautiful – yet icily cold – altiplano and remote desert in the distant horizons. You can also visit tiny isolated churches and primitive villages where people scratch a living raising hardy llamas.

Perito Moreno Glacier:
What's fascinating about Perito Moreno is that while glaciers around the world are receding it's not following this trend; in fact it's growing every year. This dazzling blue-tinted glacier is a must-see – it is 1km across and higher than a tower block, simply spectacular, located in the Andes of southern Argentina on the tawny shores of the vast turquoise Lago Argentino. The perfect route should take in the majestic ice mass on wooden walkways that allow you to get up close to its massive walls from which huge cathedrals of ice 'calve' into the lake below. In order to enjoy this experience you'll need to layer-up appropriately to stay warm and dry from the frosty surroundings.