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Recycle Your Ski Boots with Nordica

6 January 2023
Recycle Your Ski Boots with Nordica

We’ve always felt that for every new piece of gear purchased, there should be a convenient way to upcycle or recycle the old, with limited hassle and with the lowest possible environmental impact.

That's why we've teamed up with Nordica and Tecnica for the second year running with their innovative project: 'Recycle Your Boots'. This initiative will transform your old ski boots, from any brand, into second-generation pieces of material when you buy a new pair of Nordica or Tecnica boots.

We've already saved 255 pairs of ski boots from landfill, and with your help we're hoping to recycle an additional 300 pairs this season.

How it works?

At the end of the season, Nordica will collect all the old boots from our stores using lower-impact vehicles and take them to their centre in Italy.

After dismantling the boots (liners removed, plastic and metal separated), the plastic and metals are sorted, shredded and then washed. All that's left are little piles of aluminium and little pieces of plastic. 

Some of those materials are already being made into new ski boot components such as metal in the buckles and plastic in the insole wedges inside the shell. 

Nordica is still working on and committed to finding a long-term solution for the old liners. One promising solution is to shred them and use the materials in the production of crash mats that would be used in ski resorts that you may visit. 

We know that ‘Recycle Your Boots’ isn't the a complete solution for your old ski boot disposal right now. But it will keep most of the old materials in use, out of landfills or being burned for energy. There are also significant savings in the raw materials, energy and carbon used when using recycled plastic – more information here.

We're proud to be a partner in this innovative scheme and look forward to working with Nordica to reduce the environmental impact of ski boots during their lifecycle. 

Where Can I Recycle Them?

To recycle your ski boots, simply drop them off at one of the following stores when purchasing new Nordica or Tecnica boots:

Please ensure your boots are clean and the inner is dry before donating.

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