Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports, St. Paul's

Our St. Paul's store is located within one of the most prestigious shopping locations in the Capital, the One New Change development, in the heart of London's banking district and a very short distance from possibly the world's most famous cathedral. Ellis Brigham, St Paul's specialises in Ski (September – April) Trek, Travel, Camping and Bike & Run. Whether you’re visiting in your lunch hour or out for a weekend shopping trip, you’ll always find the team friendly, efficient and enthusiastic.

Here are some of the key services provided by the outdoor experts in our St. Paul's store shop:

  • Travel equipment & advice
  • Skis & ski boot fitting
  • Ski binding mounting
  • Walking boot fitting
  • Rucksack fitting
  • Mountaineering equipment & advice
  • Pippa Hobbs

    Travel Expert

    Store: ST. PAUL'S

    Pippa has been on the move from an early age, thanks to her parents living and working in many different countries throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. Given her itinerant upbringing, it was probably only natural that she grew up with a love for new places and a desire to see as much of the world as possible.

    Pip has only been in the UK since the age of 18, and before that her home life was mainly split between Switzerland and Germany. During her teenage years she got to see lots of interesting countries, such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Burkina Fasso, to name just a few.

    Following a stint at University in the UK, Pippa then went to the States to work as a Wildland firefighter in Montana. From there she ended up backpacking around the States for 18 months, living out of her trusty backpack. So if you've got any questions about the right kit to take on a trip away, short or long, Pippa is the person to talk to.

    Favourite Place/Resort:
    Swiss Alps. "I spent a week once in the Swiss Alps doing travel maintenance, living in mountain huts near a lake. The scenery was incredible, and we got to go rock climbing during our time off. Nothing since has quite compared for sheer natural beauty."

  • Hannah Davies

    Trek & Travel Expert

    Store: ST. PAUL'S

    Trek and travel pro Hannah has been joining the dots of the world atlas for over ten years. With extensive experience backpacking around Europe, Asia and Africa, she knows what to expect, what to take and how to prepare for any adventure.

    Of all her journeys, a two week trek in the Himalayas when she was sixteen remains the apex of her jet-setting career.

    Favourite Place/Resort:

    Brecon Beacons, Wales. 'The first and still the favourite! Though have recently got to explore the Lake District so it’s a close one. Aims for this season? There are plenty of places in the UK I am yet to explore and top of the hitlist is the Yorkshire Dales'.