Beastmaker 2000 Series Fingerboard

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The Beastmaker 2000 is the ultimate fingerboard for those training hard. Not suitable for beginners, it's been designed to test the limits of finger strength, helping you train for your high-grade goals. Made from fine-textured wood, it features a range of slopers and pockets, with each hold carefully thought out and radiused to keep the chances of injury to a minimum.

  • Fine textured wood
  • 45 degree slopers
  • 35 degree slopers
  • 20 degree slopers
  • Medium three finger pocket
  • Smaller three finger pocket
  • Mouth jug
  • Big, little and incut rungs
  • Back two pockets
  • Big, little and sloping two finger pockets
  • Sloping and one pad monos
  • Comes with screws for installation
  • Dimensions: 58cm (w) x 15cm (h) x 5.8cm (d)