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How Much Does A Ski Holiday Really Cost

How Much Does A Ski Holiday Really Cost
2 January 2020 No comments

Working out how much money a skiing holiday is going to cost can be a daunting task. There's a lot more to sort out and book than a beach break - lift passes, ski rental, ski lessons etc. 

We've collated prices from 45 of the most popular ski resorts in Europe, based around a family of four staying for a week in January 2020.



Image source: Deniz Altindas

  • £388 (£97 per person)

Low budget airlines have been offering cheap flights to Europe and the Alps for years. The prices tend to rise nearer the flight date as the airliners sell the majority of their seating allocation - it is best to book sooner than later.

If you do have ski equipment, it can sometimes be more economical to choose a premium airline such as SwissAir or BA that offer free ski baggage.

Alternative travel options are also worth considering such as taking the train (find out more about travelling to the Alps by train here) or driving to the resort. Both options can often work out cheaper than flying, better for the environment and allow you to take more luggage



Image source: Peter Kasprzyk

  • £252 (£63 per person, return)

Dependent on the distance from the airport to your accommodation, transfers can end up costing more than you think. It may be cheaper to pay more for a flight to an airport nearer your final destination. A good way to keep costs as low as possible is to book a shared minibus rather than a private one.


  • £716 (£179 per person) – for a hotel/chalet room, double bed and two singles, incl breakfast)

With the introduction of Airbnb and other more flexible accommodation options, tour operators are adjusting their hotel prices. This competitive market has led to a slight drop in accommodation prices with deals easy to find throughout the winter.


a table of food

Image source: Ali Inay

  • £396 (6 evening meals 2 adults and 2 children)

Whether your accommodation is half-board or you go for self-catered, the costs for food can vary greatly. One way to save money is to make a sandwich for lunch at breakfast and put it in the rucksack to eat later, avoiding those pricey restaurants on the hill.

Ski Rental

  • £192.1 (£54.56 per adult, bronze level, 6 days) (£41.49 per child, beginner level, 6 days)

There are different levels of rental skis ranging from the cheapest 'Bronze level' through to 'Platinum' - the most expensive. Try and be realistic about what type of skiing you will be doing – do you really need fat-waist twin-tipped ski or will a standard piste ski be ok?

One piece of equipment you should invest in is ski boots. Without a proper fitting consultation, custom moulding and the correct footbeds your feet will probably end up hurting.

Buying a pair of skis lets you practice on the same model of ski before you go abroad, removes the hassle of collecting equipment from a rental shop and saves you money if you're planning on going on multiple ski holidays.

If you do rent skis you should definitely book them before you travel rather than walking into the shop and booking on the day; you can save up to 50% booking ahead.

Lift Pass

Ski lift
  • £814 (£243 adult 6 day pass, £164 child/junior 6 day pass)

You can purchase tickets that only allow you to use one gondola (at some resorts) and practice on a few runs for the first day, saving money. For small children or first-time skiers, the 'magic carpet' conveyor belt is often free to use.

For a family of four that all want to ski the majority of the resort, a family ski pass can be better value than individual tickets. Some resorts split their winter into peak and off-peak periods meaning that a trip in December or March might offer cheaper passes.

Ski Lessons

Ski lessons
  • £354 (£177 per child, half-day ski lesson - over 6 days)

There are a lot of options for kids ski lessons from full week camps to 1 hr private lessons. A reasonable compromise is half-day mornings. You get to have a ski in the morning while your children have a fun time with qualified instructors in a safe environment.

Spending Money

  • £400

Setting aside a certain amount of money for little luxuries such as a glass of Vin Chaud or hot chocolate on the hill is what makes a holiday a holiday!

Average Ski Holiday Price

  • Flights: £388
  • Transfers: £252
  • Accommodation: £716
  • Food: £396
  • Ski Rental: £192.1
  • Lift Pass: £814
  • Ski Lessons: £354
  • Spending Money: £400
  • Total: £3,512.1

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of the costs involved in a ski holiday and it should be a bit easier to budget for your break and avoid being overcharged. Feel free to chat to our in-store expert staff for further info about holidays and our partners SkiSolutions and Tyrol.


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Pete Fletcher - Outdoor Expert

Pete grew up hiking most of the trails in the Lake District before being introduced to skiing. A decade later and you're most likely to find him snowboarding, skateboarding or making a mean coffee.

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