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5 Of The Best Apps For Trail Running

5 Of The Best Apps For Trail Running
7 January 2021 No comments

Using an app is probably the last thing you think about when you go on a trail run but there are definitely benefits to using them. Whether you are looking to improve your technique, track your performance or follow a new route there's an app for you. If you've decided to commit to running in the new year, they can also be a useful tool to help you reach your 2021 fitness goals.

Here are 5 of our favourite trail running apps.


Strava App

Probably the best-known running and cycling tracking app, it maps out your run, recording information about elevation gained, distance, speed, and calories burned. You can check this information as you go on your phone or analyse your performance afterwards.

The app is compatible with most GPS watches and heart monitors for full smart integration. It also connects you with friends and other runners in your area to meet up for runs or compete against each other on segments or distance challenges (insanely addictive!).

Why not join the Ellis Brigham Strava Club and share your runs, rides and routes while entering great competitions.

The Run Experience

The Run Experience App

If you are new to trail running and are looking to run anywhere from 5km up to a marathon then this may be the app for you. A team of experienced runners and coaches provide you with a daily workout to help you progress toward your selected goal.

New videos are uploaded on a weekly basis which cover a range of topics including running technique, strength and conditioning, injury prevention and recovery and race preparation.

OS Maps

OS Maps App

You'll truly appreciate the convenience of this app if you've ever struggled to fit a paper map in your pack or vest before a trail run. Now, thanks to the OS Maps app, all the UK maps you could ever want are easily accessible from your smartphone. You can either use the codes from your paper maps to utilise the free version or subscribe to their monthly membership instead, which gives you instant access to every OS Landranger and Explorer map, covering the entirety of Great Britain.


Neveralone App

One of the best parts of trail running is that it takes you to quiet, remote areas off the beaten track. However, this isolation can be a problem if you injure yourself. NeverAlone+ is programmed to contact a phone number of your choice if you remain in one place for a set time, sending a pre-programmed SMS message along with your GPS location.


FoodPrint™ app

FoodPrint™ helps you to build a nutrition plan that is specific to you and how much running/exercise you do. The app analyses the information you enter and suggests meals that fit into your lifestyle and nutritional needs. It also enables you to track what you have eaten and progress toward muscle growth or weight loss.

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