We pride ourselves on our ski expertise and knowledge here at Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports. All of our flat skis and integrated binding systems are fitted by our trained ski technicians who only use official ski manufacturer jigs for accurate and sound mounts. The release system (often referred to as your Din Setting) is set to your personal specifications - establishing a safe ejection from the bindings when needed.

In addition to mounting bindings our technicians can adjust the position your existing bindings. If you are aiming to progress your tricks in the park, moving the binding to the centre of the ski will aid riding switch. On the other hand if you are looking to ski more powder this winter moving your bindings towards the tail of the ski will shift your weight backwards, providing you with more lift.

Ski Binding Mounting

  • Drilled* - £40
  • Tour Bindings* - £40
  • Intergrated* - £30
  • Re-mounted - £45 (including plugged holes)

*(Free for skis bought from Ellis Brigham)


  • £20 (No re-drill required)


  • £6 each