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How to Store Your Skis Over Summer

7 April 2020 No comments
How to Store Your Skis Over Summer

The ski season may have been cut short due to COVID-19 but now is the perfect time to fix those dings, sharpen those edges and touch up that base so your planks are raring to go come next winter's first snowfall.

We asked our in-house expert ski technician Pete for a couple of easy pointers that you can try out at home to keep your snowsports equipment in top condition.

How to Wax Skis for Storage

This prevents rust forming on edges and protects the base.

You need:


  • 20 minutes

Ski Waxing Iron

Put your iron on a low heat (ensuring the wax does not smoke when it touches the iron heat plate). Press the wax against the iron base about three inches away from the ski base and place drops of wax every two or three inches apart over a third of the base. 

Push the iron along the surface of the base (it is very important to always keep the iron moving along the base to prevent burning the ski) making sure to spread the wax over the base edges. Repeat this for the next two thirds of the base and then let it rest for five minutes.

Boom, your ski has a solid storage wax and will be in excellent condition when winter comes around!

Performing Top Sheet & Small Sidewall Repairs

These stop water rotting the wood core of your ski, which will slow you down and affect all-round performance

You need:


  • 20 minutes (plus three hours drying time for express glue, 24 for normal)

A common problem resulting in loss of ski performance is water seeping into the wood core through little cracks and chip on the sidewall and top sheet. The water rots the wood causing it to lose its stiffness (speed) and flex (pop).

Rusted ski edge

To prevent this let your skis dry out in your house for a few days to get rid of any water left in them and visit your local DIY shop to purchase some Epoxy-resin (Araldite or any brand will do). Mix up the two pastes on a piece of scrap card and apply this to any crack or chips on your ski. Don't worry about being liberal with the glue, however, try to avoid getting it on your edges. 

Let the glue set and now your skis are fully waterproof again! If you do get any glue on the edges and it has dried, get a sharp knife or metal scraper and gently scrape the glue from the edges. For any large chips or if the base is coming away from the bottom of the edge (de-lamination) bring your skis into an Ellis Brigham shop and our friendly Ski Technicians can fix it up using professional equipment and techniques for longer-lasting repairs.

6 Top Tips for Summer Ski Equipment Storage

  • Make sure to wipe down any water from your skis after you come off the slopes or dome with an old cloth or towel. This will stop rust building up along your edges.
  • Store your skis in a temperate, dry place such as at the back of a wardrobe or under the bed rather than in the loft or garage. This helps to prevent rust on your edges and damp getting into the wood core (damaging performance).
  • Apply a medium to thick layer of wax over your skis (a storage wax), ensuring you cover the base edges. This will protect the base and help to stop rust build-up.
  • Purchase a ski tie or get a couple of elastic bands and place them over your skis. This simply makes moving them around easier and stops the bases rubbing together and scratching.
  • Ensure you close the clasps on your ski boots when not in use, as this will help to maintain the shape of the shell and keep those boots comfy and responsive.

Find all of the equipment and tools needed to service your skis.

Not got the time for DIY servicing? Storage wax, epoxy-resin repairs and a whole host of other services are available from our highly trained ski technicians all year long.

If you would like any further advice or have products for servicing, feel free to pop into any one of our outlets and chat with our expert ski staff.

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